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August 10, 2022

Ponta speaks about “a future PSD with a new team of leaders”, Geoana accuses CExN was a “ comedy, stupidly directed”

The Social Democratic Party chair, Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced on Thursday evening at the end of the stormy PSD leadership meeting which lasted more than six hours, that the main forums of the political party will be organised in the spring of 2015, so that the new political project envisaging 2015-2019 be constructed with another team of leaders.He added that the party needs a change of attitude rather than a change of people in order to re-gain credibility. The prime minister announced he had tendered his party leader’s position at the PSD National Executive Committee(CExN).
‘But all my party fellows considered that one cannot come in December with the new project, the new team, it’s much too soon. However, in spring, based on the new project, the new team that will lead the party in the next four years will certainly be elected. I will back that project in spring, I think it will answer the expectations of five million Romanians who voted for us, on the one hand, but will also answer the dissatisfaction of six millions who vote against, on the other’, he explained.

‘The important thing as far as we are concerned is that in spring, based on the good things we’ve done and that earned us the victory in the local and parliamentary elections, but mostly based on the lessons, on our mistakes and errors, that have led us to losing the presidential elections for the third time we should have a new political project, we should be the main political force of Romania, we should once again be the main force to change Romania for the better and in 2019, at the parliamentary and presidential elections, if it so happens that we still lose them, at least let us not again lose them because we are considered communists, protectors of the local barons and of the corrupted people. Romania needs a centre-left force that has proved it can govern well and that it respects the people’s vote every time’, Ponta underscored at the party’s National Executive Committee meeting,

PSD  chair also said that he fully assumes the decision of the Party’s National Executive Committee to expel Mircea Geoana, Marian Vanghelie and Dan Sova from the party.

Ponta stressed that PSD  will have a political future only if it clearly proves that nobody is protected when faced with corruption charges, that nobody is above the law. He  made these remarks with respect to the fact the PSD needs to change its image of a communist grouping, that protects the corrupted people.

The Prime minister admitted again that  the November 16 runoff was a painful lesson to him, at the right moment, adding that fortunately those who could learn from such lessons probably have a second chance.

The chair of the Social Democratic Party, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Thursday evening that he respected the decision made by the Hungarian Democrat Union of Romania (UDMR) to be no more part of the government, adding that it is in Romania’s interest that all ethnic minorities have a strong voice and projects the authorities should enforce.

PSD leader Victor Ponta said on Thursday after CExN meeting that he remains the party’s president until spring, along with the entire leadership team, who will take office until the end, showing that he does not know yet whether he will run at that Congress. “I remain president until spring. The entire outgoing leadership team which was elected in 2010 will close its mandate, but not because we lost the presidential election, but because the election cycle means four elections. That the best solution that until the Congress in the spring to bring our mandate to the end, “said Ponta. He said that he told his  Social Democrats fellows he would not have been a candidate for the Congress if it had been convened in December. Asked whether he would run for the party’s leadership at the Congress in the spring, he said: “I really don’t know what to answer you. I don’t know, if there’s someone better than me, I’ll support him. ”  Asked what would depend on his decision to run, Ponta said, “on  my own belief that I could participate in a new project”.

Geoana: When PSD will lose government, the current leadership’s fate is sealed

PSD Senator Mircea Geoana, one of those expelled from the party said at  Gandul  Live, on his exclusion from the PSD, that he did not ” absolutely nothing to justify such a radical decision, which he described as” more than wrong “. He added that” the very minute when PSD will lose government, the current leadership’s fate sealed “.” It seems to me quite clear that this decision was form of despair. This move was totally unjustified ,as there was no reproach to me and also no evidence to show that Geoana should leave the party, I helped the campaign how much I could, I was more than a disciplined soldier of the party, I haven’t even had any interest or intention at the future party’s congress. In my opinion, they were simply trying to clean the party of any Ponta’s potential rival, I think it is more than wrong decision, “said Geoana.

Regarding the National Executive Committee meeting, Geoana said that it started “absolutely ordinary.” “Ponta mimicked at the beginning that he gives up to his mandate, but he was clearly told that it was not the appropriate moment, I totally agree”. “The meeting continued with a long series of interventions from colleagues (…) there was no discussion on the analysis of these elections, but only something on Facebook and the digital environment (…) it was simply a comedy, directed stupidly enough, because it was clear that they had organized the final vote to get rid of me… “In the end Ponta said he could not work with Geoana, and that he cannot make a political project knowing that someone always stays in his ribs, that was his motivation, “Geoana  argued. According to the senator Geoana, Ponta would then showed that if not accepted his proposal to exclude Geoana, he would put his mandate on the table”. “I don’t think anyone would cry after Ponta regarding the party leadership, but many people would mourn the loss of government”, said Geoana. “It was a five-hour discussion that has not made any analysis of the election, but was directed to the purpose that Dragnea and Ponta had, namely  to  get rid of me finally from the party,” he continued. Geoana also said that “it is clear that the moment when the party losses government – and it will lose it at a certain time horizon – the fate of the current leadership is sealed and Mr. Ponta, at a very young age, will take time to eat popcorn as a staple food”.

Ghita urges Ilescu to retire, party fellows with serious problems to be suspended

PSD deputy Sebastian Ghita says in a statement released Thursday after PSD leadership meeting, that it’s time to retire for Ion Iliescu and all those who have problems should be suspended from party lists like, Mazare, Constantinescu, Duicu, Pendiuc, Mocanu, Hrebenciuc.”Somehow, young people are right: while Ion Iliescu sits at each meeting next to the President of PSD, we have a problem. No one personal, but one of perception. That we, the youth of PSD, are like Ion Iliescu and his generation. Ion Iliescu has the venerable age of 84 years. Victor Ponta is 42 years old. I think it’s time for Ion Iliescu to retire. He cannot be a PSD symbol anymore, “says Ghita, showing that reform is necessary in PSD that all parties “must show that they have an answer to the accusations of communism, corruption and inefficiency.” He also claims that PDL and PNL are more crowded with former communists than the Social Democratic Party, mentioning Blaga, Orban, Athanasius, Petrache, Videanu as “monuments of communism and Securitate and also theft’s exponents “. “Corruption for Romania is worse than cancer for mankind,” says Ghita. In this context, he said that all his party fellows that have problems, with preventive arrests and serious situations have to be suspended from PSD, saying that a code of integrity and a central committee empowered with decision-making attributes are required. “Radu Mazare, Nicuşor Constantinescu, Bunea Stancu Adrian Duicu, Mocanu, Tudor Pendiuc, Hrebenciuc, but also others are living examples of the perception that the PSD as a corrupt party. All of them should suspend themselves from the party or be suspended. Contempting  law or DNA does not help them, neither the party. Mircea Cosma and Constantin Nicolescu, even though are 70 years old have understood and retired. All the others should step out of the party to wait outside until justice is pronounced ” says Sebastian Ghita. He hopes that many of his proposals to become a reality at the forthcoming PSD Congress.

Blaga: PNL will not accept defectors from other parties

National Liberal Party (PNL) co-chairman Vasile Blaga told Adevarul Live website on Thursday that the party will not accept ‘defectors’ from other parties and will not set up a different majority in Parliament by taking lawmakers from other parties into the PNL.

‘Firstly, I want to clear an issue circulated in the public space, which I also discussed with President (-elect) Klaus Iohannis yesterday. We will not accept defectors, therefore we will not set up majorities by taking parliamentarians from other parties, from other political areas into the PNL, no way. On the other hand, I think Mr (Victor) Ponta must prove that everything he promised in the electoral campaign is achievable. Because, why should we not let Mr Ponta implement his grandiose plan, by presenting the (2015) budget in Parliament? Because, a liar as he is, he might publicly say in January: I knew it, but the PNL wouldn’t let me! This does not mean cowardice, it means responsibility’, Blaga said when asked whether the new PNL wants to get to government as soon as possible or would rather wait till the 2016 general elections.

He added that, for the moment, it is known that ‘there is in Parliament a vast majority around the PSD , declared as such’.

‘But, on the other hand, it is Ponta himself who is saying: this week we’ll decide whether we are going to stay in government or not… We, as the opposition, will obviously do our duty… There is no possibility to call a vote of no confidence earlier than next February’, the Liberal leader stressed



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