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February 3, 2023

Sebastian Ghita resigns from PSD, says Geoana and Vanghelie “got what they deserved”

PSD Deputy Sebastian Ghita announced Friday that he resigns from the Social Democratic Party( PSD), stating that he previously had a discussion with the leader Victor Ponta. “I was called by Mr. Ponta at his office. We had a serious discussion about political events in recent years. He  said that the statements that I have made are correct, but that I cannot take  personal initiatives, without discussing in advance with the party fellows. “I understand his point of view and decided to resign from PSD,”  said Sebastian Ghita, in a press statement.

He wanted to announce that “will not return to this party, as long as issues of communism, corruption and the change of political parties law are not solved”.

“I wish that Victor Ponta has the mind and the power to reform this party. I am a young man, I built my career as an entrepreneur, I earned a respected position in the Romanian society and I do not think I have to share the values ​​represented by Ion Iliescu, “Ghita argued.

He said that “Geoana and Vanghelie got what they deserved.” “One year ago I told colleagues from the party that they betray common for the personal interest. Geoana wanted to blackmail Ponta, asking Foreign Minister position. He called me then to tell me that if Ponta Ponta would not appoint him as Minister of Foreign Affairs, then there would be war in PSD,” Sebastian Ghita also told. According to him, “Vanghelie represent what is most vile and nasty in the political parties: corruption, betrayal, lies”.

“I was an opponent of Vanghelie since I joined the PSD. And I think that yesterday, during National Executive Committee (CExN)  people have shown him what they really think about him. You cannot have an illiterate, an untrained, a thief as party leader in Bucharest, and win elections. We were ashamed to tell in the country that Vanghelie was one of us”, Sebastian Ghita concluded.


Ponta, prior to Ghita’s resignation: “Many colleagues say we have to separate from Sebi Ghita”


Prior to Ghita’s resignation from the party, the PSD President, Victor Ponta, said that “there are many colleagues who say that we have to separate from Sebi Ghita” and that he should understand that an organization goes according to certain rules, not just according to  the lonely wolf rule. “He was wrong! I think Sebastian Ghita must understand that an organization goes according to certain rules, not just according to the lonely wolf rule. There are many colleagues who say, sir, maybe  we have to separate from Sebi Ghita. Perhaps, if he does not understand what our project is about, we say: “Thank you. He is our colleague, he was with us, but also, time break, ” Victor Ponta, told  DCNews, referring to Sebastian Ghita’s statements made after PSD leadership meeting on Thursday evening.

Victor Ponta also answered the question if there is a conflict between Sebastian Ghita and Dragnea and stating that, as far as he knows, there is no such conflict. “As far as I know, no!” However, he admitted there  is  “a political conflict between himself and Sebi Ghita”. “We’re friends, but I do not agree with the things or the way he does certain things on the political scene. I told that to him, and he knows,” Ponta added. “There is one thing he knows and that I know myself too, that anything  Sebi Ghita says, is considered said by me. I did not know what he stated to RTV last night, but I will not start to say that I retract it. The  personal relationship is simply personal, but the  political project is something else, “said Victor Ponta on  Sebastian Ghita’s statements, adding:” To the extent that he does not feel good in this team, then … “.



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