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February 4, 2023

Cozmin Gusa predicts that PSD is on the verge of dissolution

Political consultant Cozmin Gusa considers the events of recent days in the Social Democratic Party (PSD) clearly show that the party is on the verge of dissolution.

In a show at Realitatea TV, Gusa who knows very well this party, which he led from the position of secretary general, said he has observed the evolutions in this party since 1989. The Romanian political life has guided itself after what this party was doing, irrespective whether PSD was governing or in opposition, irrespective whether its name was FSN, PDSR and finally PSD,” he outlined.“Things that happen in these days are clear signs of this party’s dissolution, which has several origins: the poor quality in terms of the intellectual of some leaders, until to the tricks that almost daily are executed at the decision level , explained by Vanghelie very rudimentary,  nuanced better by Geoana,” believes the former secretary general of PSD.
“Any party is a very complex living organism, whose adherence to the public is based on some very complex things that cannot be implemented by amateurs. PSD’s  advantage has always been that there were people in its leadership who knew politics, irrespective whether they had proved corrupt, like Adrian Nastase,  guilty as Ion Iliescu for the 1989 events or weaker before the party’s  asset Geoana. We talk  about people with a good knowledge of politics who knew how to execute a recipe, be it for governing, or  for  opposition, to keep the party  alive and gain the respect of the political opponents, ” Gusa told Realitatea TV.

The political consultant declared himself surprised  that PSD has executed those leaders who have always campaigned for the party, and were not found to be corrupt, referring to Vanghelie and Geoana.

“Today this respect is null, even at minus, and the executions of Thursday, together with the counter reactions of the next days  shows a hideous PSD, a PSD that destroys some of its leaders who have always campaigned for the party, who have not been proven to be corrupt, Geoana and Vanghelie, “ said Cozmin Gusa.

Regarding Dan Sova’s ousting from the party, Cozmin Gusa says it was a cheap theater, meant to give credibility to the execution of Geoana and Vanghelie, who were the real targets.

“It was clear that Ponta who doesn’t know political strategy was the liar in duty,” said Gusa. “ Sova was distributed in a cheap theater and just as the campaign strategy, which was a very bad strategy, the strategy within the party was just as bad, and baked in the same laboratories, by people who are not good at strategic things or executions. Any execution has a purpose, a ritual, a credibility. If you want, we can start with the execution of Ceausescu in the Christmas Day, which was prepared with great cruelty indeed, but had all the necessary ingredients to impress precisely because it was prepared by some real strategists. Politics is dirty for sure, but its charm is that being so dirty, like a luxury slut, it attracts because there is that mirage of power and interest of the people to be led by someone,” considers the political consultant of Realitatea TV.

Gusa added that it’s a kind of paradox here. Starting from the dissolution being seen, he said that for him as an observer,”it is very exciting to look at the details, but for the party members is very painful, because the party has swarms of corrupts, that cannot take votes”. “Instead, they executed two symbols, because both Vanghelie and Geoana have basically been two symbols in the party, after the withdrawal of Nastase and Iliescu’s entering in a twilight zone, caused by age,” Gusa pointed out.

He outlined that the accusations made by Geoana on the “money brotherhood” in the party come in addition to what Vanghelie said, when speaking of all contracts earned by Ghita, at government level. “ And that’s how we find ourselves in front of an image that cannot be questioned, of a party  with strong Mafia practices. The simple, logical and correct conclusion is that if such a party governs Romania, it means that Romania is governed in mafia-style at administrative level, and it is a conclusion all too serious. I saw that nobody has held Ponta’s or Ghita’s  sleeve, but we are facing a serious fact, because we talk about the Romanian state,” underlined Cozmin Gusa.



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