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January 27, 2023

PSD, between the “brotherhood of the money” and the “Mafia-like brotherhood”

Executive President of the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea  said  on Friday that Mircea Geoana, Marian Vanghelie and Viorel Hrebenciuc are part of a”Mafia-like  brotherhood”, after he was accused in turn by  Geoana to be part of a  “brotherhood of the money”,  together with Victor Ponta and Sebastian Ghita.

“No one in the party is afraid of Vanghelie. He tried to make from this party a party of vagrants. (…) I heard him and Geoana talking about  I do not know what brotherhood. Geoana is still a prisoner of a “Mafia fraternity”  that covers also Marian  Vanghelie, Viorel  Hrebenciuc, Catalin Voicu and Dumitru Iliescu. Because of this  “Mafia brotherhood”  I left the  Ministry of Interior , “said Dragnea to Romania TV.

He added that in 2009, this  ” Mafia brotherhood” asked him to make some appointments in his capacity as Minister of the Interior, but he refused. “In the morning I had to take the oath, I was called by Geoana in his office, where they also were Catalin Voicu and  Dumitru Iliescu , to require me to make some appointments despite all the warnings from state institutions. It was about appointments at UM 0962 and of the First Deputy at the Ministry of Interior. I refused. It was a very ugly discussion during which the two were telling Geoana they cannot accept that their understanding was not observed,” Dragnea also pointed out at Romania TV.


Vanghelie urges authorities to check transcripts of Ponta, Dragnea and Corlatean conversations for the vote abroad file

Marian Vanghelie who was ousted from the Social Democratic Party (PSD) during Thursday’s National Executive Committee (CExN), on Friday urged the authorities to check the transcripts of conversations in the last six months between Victor Ponta, Liviu Dragnea, Titus Corlatean and the PSD’s campaign strategist Bogdan Teodorescu, about voting in the diaspora. “You’ll see what they were talking about, how not to do polling stations abroad,” said Vanghelie at B1 TV. Asked if he has information that Victor Ponta would be intercepted, Vanghelie said that he referred  to the conversations that are kept by Vodafone like any other telecommunication company for six months.

Vanghelie who called his exclusion from the party “a public execution” has also suggested that one of the three, Victor Ponta, Sebastian Ghita and Liviu Dragnea would have troubles in Alina Bicsa’s file, the former DIICOT chief prosecutor currently in custody. The Bucharest District 5 Mayor urged journalists to ask all three if they “sleep well in Alina Bica’s case”. In his view,  Sebastian Ghita’s resignation from  PSD is just a “different kind of Dubai-like arrangement,” pointing the recent vacation spent in Dubai by Ponta and Ghita, after the PSD chairman lost the presidential runoff. “The biggest mistake of Ponta,  an immature kid who has not awakened to reality, is that he treats all problems superficially in the same way he treated the relationship with me,” said Vanghelie, who said he would challenge in court the PSD’s  executive committee decision to expel him from the party.




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