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February 4, 2023

Santa Claus is coming to town: Bucharest festive lights switched on

Bucharest city is in celebration and is ready to welcome Santa, once the festive Christmas lights have been switched on. Almost three million of LED lights will adorn the capital during the winter holidays, on a track 24 kilometers from the University Square on the main boulevards and streets of the city.

Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu lit Saturday night in the University Square, along with his three grandchildren and two other children, the festive lights in the capital, wishing “Happy Holidays” to the Bucharest people. “I want to thank all those who are here or those who are in their houses, I want to thank you for all you have done for this town. I want to wish you Happy Holidays and to urge you to love the city, because the city  loves you, “said Oprescu on the stage from the esplanade with statues from University Square.”Happy birthday, Bucharest! Happy Birthday, Romania!” wished the mayor of Bucharest, then around the desk came on stage five children, three of whom were grandsons mayor, who pressed the button that lit the celebrations lights  in the capital. Before turning on lights, the stage was occupied by Alexandra Violin and the Shadow Theatre, represented by Leon Magdan, followed by Mandinga and Connect-R. With the lights on, one day before Saint Andrew (Sfantul Andrei), the  Protector of Romania, the holidays season opened in Bucharest. On that occasion the Bucharest Christmas Market Fair also kicked off.


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