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February 3, 2023

National Day parade: Over 2,700 troops and 280 combat vehicles have marched in the Constitution Square

Over 2,700 military and 280 combat vehicles with the National Defence Ministry (MApN), the Interior Affairs Ministry (MAI), the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) and the Dignitaries’ Protection Service (SPP) have marched on Monday in the Constitution Square, central Bucharest, in a parade dedicated to the National Day of Romania.

The military parade on the occasion of Romania National Day – December 1 – started with the arrival of incumbent president, Traian Basescu at the Constitution Square in front of the Parliament Palace in Bucharest, at 11:00 a.m.

The commander of this year’s parade, Brigadier General Tomita-Catalin Tomescu, deputy of the Instruction and Doctrine Department Chief with the General Staff, opened the parade.

The first unit which entered the roundabout was the Red Scorpions 26 Infantry Battalion, followed by an international detachment formed of military of the French Army, the Republic of Moldova, Poland, Turkey and US marines.

The parade continued with the march of the Calugareni 2 Infantry Battalion, the 495 Battalion of which the intervention forces are, including divers and paratroopers, the Military Intelligence Brigade, the Military Police representatives, the Navy and the Airforce representatives.

The Airforce planes could not take part in the parade due to the bad weather.

A regiment of women with the Romanian Army, the students of the Brasov-based Airforce Academy, those of the Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy, those of the Nicolae Balcescu Land Forces Academy and the pupils Detachment with the Dimitrie Cantemir National Military College of Breaza, marched in.

Further on, in front of the almost 10,000 people attending the parade, have marched the detachment of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Police Academy, the fighters detachment of the Vlad Tepes Special Intervention Brigade with the Romanian Gendarmerie and the detachments of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU).

The parade continued in a first with the march of the students of the Vasile Lascar Police Agents School from Campina, followed by the SRI detachment, with its Anti-terror Brigade, the ones who make the security check on the airports, the honour guard of the Gendarmerie, while the Mihai Viteazul guard regiment executed a ‘drill team’ exercise.

After this moment, the military technique of the motorized 1 Brigade followed, with URO VAMTAC armoured vehicles, Piranha III armoured personnel carrier, “Jderul” 84 M combat machines, “Zimbrul” APCs, TR 85 M1 “Bizonul” tanks, LAROM multiple rocket launcher, the GEPARD anti-aircraft artillery system, the anti-aircraft complex towed with 2 35 mm OERLIKON cannons, HUMVEEs, the Chevrolet Tahoe land vehicles, the Harris/Chevrolet radio stations and the surface-to-air rockets detachment with HAWK ground-based.

The naval forces have marched with RIB ships, FULGERUL boats, Mobile installations for Launching the Rockets, armoured radio stations with frequency hopping on URO VAMTAC, and the Communications and Informatics Command have marched with ATBTU PANHARD and Dacia Duster vehicles, the ANCHOR satellite auto-station which ensures voice and data connections among any spots, Falcon radio auto-stations, the video-conferences’ communication auto-station, the CRBN auto-special vehicles and the NATO deployable communication Module.

Further on, the parade was filled with the march of the MAI structures, with 10 BMW motorcycles of the Traffic Police, a Porsche automobile for the road surveillance and control of the same Traffic Police, the SIAS special intervention vehicles, the Border Police with its ATVs, Dacia Duster, IVECO patrol trucks, thermo-vision filming special trucks on Land Rover Discovery vehicles, a Harpoon boat, RR boats towed by Dacia Duster, special trucks for dogs deployment mounted on Mitsubishi L200, followed by the Gendarmerie technics, with transport special trucks of the troops and those with water cannons, special trucks with mobile communication systems and 4×4 vehicles with the Mountain Gendarmerie.

The parade continued with the IGSU forces, meaning the water cannons special trucks, the emergency paramedics vehicle, the Emergency Mobile Resuscitation and Extrication Service (SMURD) vehicles, the HAZMAT special trucks for decontamination and intervention in disasters, the extrication special vehicles, pneumatic boats with divers, special trucks for extinguishing fires with water and foam and an auto-ladder for intervention at 70 metres high.

Technics with the SRI endowment was present, too, with special vehicles of anti-terror intervention, the SPP marching units, the cavalry of the Mounted Gendarmerie, the Bucharest Local Police Mounted patrol, the parade being closed with the Honour Guard of the Mihai Viteazul 30 Regiment Guard and the Military Music Regiment.

At the parade organised by the MApN, together with the MAI, SRI and SPP, were present the incumbent president Traian Basescu and the Prime Minister Victor Ponta, among the participants attending the ceremonies on the occasion of the National Day were also the National Defence minister, Mircea Dusa, the Interior Affairs minister, Gabriel Oprea and the Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber, Valeriu Zgonea, informed Agerpres.





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