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February 3, 2023

President Basescu, Minister Dusa pay an homage to the Romanian Army, thank the troops for their sacrifice to defend the national interest

Incumbent President, Traian Basescu thanked the Romanian military in the operations theatres in Afghanistan, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina for the way they accomplish their missions, in a video-conference on Monday, on the National Day’s occasion, at the Cotroceni presidential Palace.

“I ask you to transmit thanks to all the subordinate military deployed in Afghanistan (…) As for you too, the commanders of the military deployed in Kosovo, as well as for the subordinate military I believe that beyond fulfilling your mission it is essential that all of you return home. Thank you for the way you have accomplished your mission until now, I am certain that the Romanian military will further accomplish their mission in Kosovo exceptionally. Allow me to wish you all ‘Happy Birthday!’, health, once again to return home, all of you, and all the best to your families,” the president said quoted by Agerpres.

The video-conference took place in the Country’s Defence Supreme Council (CSAT) Hall, with the Cotroceni Palace, and was attended, among others, by the National Defence minister, Mircea Dusa and the Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Stefan Danila.


Minister Dusa: “Alba Iulia not only exists in the very heart of Transylvania, but in each other’s heart, wherever the Romanians are”


The National Defence Minister, Mircea Dusa in his message on the National Day of Romania pays an homage to “all those who died on the battle fields and who, through their sacrifice have defended our national interests and the Romanian people.”
“Greater Romania was formed through the sacrifices and with the blood of the Romanian soldiers, most of them volunteers from the Romanian provinces from outside the national borders. They answered without hesitation to the country’s call, writing pages of glory and heroism in the First World War’s battles. In all the big fights, the long of the time, in the Independence War, in the two world wars, and in our times too, in the missions unfurled in the operations theatres, in Afghanistan, Iraq or Western Balkans, the Romanian military have done their duty plentifully,” a release sent to Agerpres on Monday reads.

Mircea Dusa says that on December 1 we should “remind the great ideals that made it possible the Great Unification of December 1 1918 and which stand witness to the young generations, as a landmark to us, as a nation.” He adds that this day “shows to each of us the moment of glory of our ancient nation, which in 1918 succeeded to accomplish its century long wishes, the unification inside the same borders of all of the territories inhabited by Romanians.”

Mircea Dusa concludes that on the National Day of Romania, “Alba Iulia not only exists in the very heart of Transylvania, but in each other’s heart, wherever the Romanians are.”


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