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February 3, 2023

President-elect Klaus Iohannis celebrates the National Day in Alba-Iulia: “The Romanian nation will be strong through its unity”

President-elect, Klaus Iohannis on Monday said in his speech at the Alba Iulia events on the celebration of the National Day of Romania that as regards the celebration of a centennial since the Great Union, Romania should have national targets, such as those linked to its place in Europe and in the world, reports Agerpres.

“With a view to a century since its Great union, Romania should have national targets. National targets concerning its place in Europe and in the world, targets linked to its own development, to cutting discrepancies among regions, to connecting to Europe through infrastructure, national targets concerning the education, national targets concerning the reformation of the public bodies, which serve the citizens. One hundred years’ celebration will find us not only with such targets assumed, but also with stages already completed in accomplishing them,” said Klaus Iohannis.

The President-elect highlighted that in order to achieve these targets we firstly need to rediscover trust.

“The permanent suspicion, doubt, fear, uncertainty have thrown us apart from one another, in the past years in particular. Have made us see opponents where we could only see partners, have made us stay apart where we could have got involved, have made us be reserved where we could have built, have made us work by ourselves where we could in fact have worked in a team,” said Iohannis, in the historical city of Alba Iulia where the Greater Romania was achieved 96 year ago.

He stressed that without rediscovering and reconstructing trust, the same experiences will repeat endlessly.

Iohannis added that challenges ahead of us today are different from those in the past, yet no less difficult.

“The Romanian nation will be strong through its unity, the Romanian nation will be strong by re-making trust, and each of us has a role in this construction,” Iohannis said.

The President-elect said the political parties should understand that no matter the competitions they face every four years, they have a duty to represent their nation of citizens. He said that the politicians should understand that regardless of the way things stood in the past, from now on they have the duty to look firstly to the national targets.

“The personal targets cannot be above the common ones. The stage targets mean nothing without the long-shot ones,” said Iohannis, stressing that “we don’t build our future depending on circumstances, but through an act of will.”

He said that as President of Romania, he aims to rediscover together with the citizens the idea of national unity.

“We are today a nation of citizens who has shown the world that it cherishes the values of democracy, that it has courage and wishes a change,” the President-elect said.

Klaus Iohannis stated that December 1 is not only Romania’s National Day and the celebration of a historic moment, it is “the symbolic day when we should reflect year by year on the ideal of national unity.”

“96 years after that moment (1st of December, 1918) we could speak again about national unity, yet with other significances”, he concluded.


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