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January 27, 2023

Klaus Iohannis: ‘I turned over my mandate as Mayor of Sibiu in order to be able to be President of Romania’

Klaus Iohannis announced on Tuesday that he had turned over his mandate as Mayor of Sibiu, explaining that it was a necessary step before he could take over the mandate as President of Romania. ‘Today I have turned over my mandate as Mayor of Sibiu. This was necessary in order for me to be able to take over my mandate as president’, Iohannis said. He pointed out that Sibiu had become European Capital and then one of Romania’s best known and most admired cities. He thanked the people of Sibiu for making all those things possible. ‘I thank the people of Sibiu who offered me their trust four times. It has been an honour and pleasure to me to be their mayor during 14 years and a half. I thank all my colleagues from the Municipality and from all the institutions I have worked with’, Klaus Iohannis said, according to Mediafax.

The president-elect noted that there would be a meeting of the Sibiu Local Council to elect an acting mayor.

Klaus Iohannis became Mayor of Sibiu city 14 years ago. In the 2000 election he won the runoff local election with a score of 69.18% of the vote. The following election he won with 88.7% of the vote – one of the highest scores obtained in the entire country. In the 2008 local election Iohannis obtained 83.2% of the vote and in June 2012 he won his forth mayoral term in Sibiu with 77.9%.

Klaus Iohannis also said he would be back to Sibiu because he was going to be the president of Romania and of all Romanian citizens regardless of where they are – in the country or in the Diaspora – adding: ‘When I say home I say Sibiu’.

The mayor’s duties in Sibiu are currently discharged on a provisional basis by Deputy Mayor Astrid Fodor (FDGR). ‘I will also have a clock at Cotroceni, because the accurate time has to be struck from somewhere in Romania’The president-elect was asked during his press conference in Sibiu what he would take with him to Bucharest from his office at the Municipality of Sibiu. His answer was: ‘My personal affairs, some of which I will definitely take to Cotroceni.’ Asked if he would also take his grandfather’s clock, Iohannis said the clock was not in his office at the Municipality, but he would nevertheless take a clock to Cotroceni. ‘There will be a clock because the accurate time has to be struck from somewhere in Romania’, Iohannis also said.The president-elect was also asked by the press where he would go for his holiday. ‘I will make a private visit to the USA in a few days’, Iohannis said. PNL notes in a press release on Tuesday that Klaus Iohannis will be in the US from 4 to 11 December.


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