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February 3, 2023

New Cabinet takes shape: UNPR, PC and PLR will each get two portfolios


Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Tuesday said that the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR), the Conservative Party (PC) and the Liberal Reformist Party (PLR) would each get two portfolios in the Government, but underscored at the same time that he hadn’t discussed about these offices yet with PLR Chairman Calin Popescu-Tariceanu. ‘I had a talk earlier today with Mr Tariceanu on the budget and the coalition, but Mr Tariceanu hasn’t asked four offices nor has he specified the offices in question, it simply isn’t true,’ Ponta said.

When asked if those with PLR would get portfolios in the Government, Ponta replied: ‘Absolutely, yes.’ ‘You very well know coalition functioning principle and namely that UNPR, PC and PRL will each get two minister portfolios, but we haven’t talked about it, because it is completely premature, we first want to discuss what we want to do with the Government in the coming period, the budget, and afterwards we shall properly talk about the Government reshuffle,’ Ponta said before the meeting in Parliament with the national minorities group.


Liberal Reformist Party wants more ministries


Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu said after the talks with Prime Minister Victor Ponta at Victoria Palace on Tuesday  that his party, the  Liberal Reformist Party (PLR) would like to get ministries such as the Finance or Economy in the new Executive and that they would not replace UDMR, who has recently announced its intention to quit the Government, as it had a different vision.

Asked if, assuming UDMR left the Government and PLR entered it, in keeping with the algorithm, PLR should receive the two portfolios UDMR held, or perhaps more, the head of PLR said that was a question he could only answer in a ‘conditional’ manner. ‘We are waiting for UDMR’s final decision to be made by the Union Representatives Council. I don’t know if the decision that will be made by CRU will be identical to the one of the Consultative Council and, regarding the second part of your question, I can tell you that we don’t have to overlap. We are not replacing UDMR in the Government. We are a liberal party, we have a different vision, therefore our priorities may not be the same as those UDMR has had in the act of governance’, Tariceanu said.

Tariceanu denied that he had negotiated certain ministries during the talks with PM Victor Ponta on Tuesday. ‘We had absolutely no kind of negotiation over positions or structure of the Government’, he said.




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