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February 2, 2023

Circus in the Lower Chamber – Marko Attila’s arrest approved. Catalin Teodorescu off the hook “by a thread”

The Lower Chamber’s plenum approved on Wednesday, with 171 votes in favor and 111 votes against, the Justice Minister’s request to consent to the preventive arrest of MP Marko Attila. Also yesterday, the MPs voted on the request to approve the preventive arrest of PDL MP Catalin Teodorescu, accused of malfeasance in office in the same case in which Marko Attila and Alina Bica, former head of the Department for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), are involved, a case concerning the reparations paid by ANRP for an over-valued plot of land in Bucharest. A wave of dissatisfaction was generated by the fact that at first it was stated that the Lower Chamber had approved the request but it was subsequently announced that the number of votes needed to approve it was not met.

Ethnic discrimination accusations

UDMR MP Mate Andras-Levente stated that the vote on lifting his colleague’s immunity was ethnic-based, considering his Hungarian ethnicity, pointing out that he will notify the embassies in Bucharest of this fact. “It seems to me that a differentiation was made between our two colleagues (Marko Attila and Catalin Teodorescu – editor’s note). I can only state that the Hungarian ethnicity of colleague Marko Attila was probably taken into account, which is very serious and I will personally point out this problem to the embassies,” Mate Andras-Levente stated. Asked whether he believes the Lower Chamber’s vote was based on ethnic criteria, Mate Andras-Levente answered: “Well, I don’t see the difference between the two MPs, apart from their ethnicity.”

The PSD group leader in the Chamber of Deputies, Marian Neacsu, said, after the vote, that the people from the new PNL ‘used the same methods’ and ‘showed the same face of demagogy and lie’. He pointed out that, in his opinion, some of the colleagues in the Opposition were only there formally and did not exercise their vote, so he asked for the video recording.


A new vote is demanded

The leader of PDL MPs in the Chamber of Deputies, Tinel Gheorghe, replied calling Neacsu’s intervention ‘an example of political demagogy’ and said the PDL and PNL political groups had 106 MPs in the Chamber of Deputies and they couldn’t have made a difference, unlike the parliamentary majority. Tinel Gheorghe said he would request the Standing Bureau of the Chamber to take a new vote on lifting the immunity of MP Catalin Teodorescu. The leader of the PDL group in the Chamber also said he had talked to Catalin Teodorescu asking him to resign from PDL and the latter said he would.

On Wednesady, MP Catalin Teodorescu was placed under judicial control by the DNA prosecutors with a ban from leaving the country.


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