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May 27, 2022

Constitutional Court clearly states: President’s oath on December 21

Klaus Iohannis should take his oath in the Parliament as President of Romania on December 21. As this date happens to be on a Sunday, when MPs are not working, the Parliament leaders decided to ask for the opinion of the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR).

The Social Democrat Vice-President of the Senate, Cristian Dumitrescu, announced that the reunited Bureaus of the Chamber of Deputies and of the Senate requested the Constitutional Court a point of view regarding the date of the oath to be taken by the newly-elected President Klaus Iohannis in front of the Parliament.

“We were notified by the Constitutional Court on the validation of the presidential elections. By this decision of CCR, the taking of the oath is demanded according to the law. Nonetheless, the taking of the oath should be held on December 21, and December 21 is on a Sunday, when the Parliament is not working. We demanded a written point of view from behalf of the Constitutional Court, so that they would explicitly tell us whether we must stick to the date of December 21. If so, we would summon a solemn common meeting of the Parliament so that the elected President would take his oath. Otherwise, the oath may be taken at a previous date. We thought it could be on Friday, but if Friday is unavailable, we may do it on Thursday, as well”, Dumitrescu declared on Tuesday, at the end of the meeting of the reunited permanent Bureaus of the Parliament.

Dumitrescu outlined the fact that Court judges are supposed to point out the Constitutional version “because there is still a president in office that is completing his term until the oath is taken by the new president and you cannot shorten his term even by one day”.

“You are not allowed to have a vacation in the position between the two mandates. It is a matter regarding the right and the terms of the mandate. (…) Do not forget that the Parliament, too, has duties to assure constitutionality!”, Dumitrescu added.


Augustin Zegrean, CCR: The date the President takes his oath CANNOT be changed


Constitutional Court President Augustin Zegrean declared on Wednesday that the date the new president takes his oath cannot be changed.

The Constitutional Court was requested to establish the ending date of President Traian Basescu’s mandate, considering that Iohannis was supposed to take his oath on December 21, yet this date is on a Sunday and the officials did not want to come to work on their day off.

The officials passed the problem to CCR magistrates, inviting them to establish the date of Klaus Iohannis’ oath.

“On December 21, five years are completed since Traian Basescu started his term as a President”, the head of CCR Augustin Zegrean pointed out on Wednesday.

“Nobody risks leaving the country without a President”, Zegrean added. According to the Constitution, the term of Romania’s president is five years and starts on the day the president takes his oath. The President of Romania carries on his term until the newly elected president takes his oath. The term of the President of Romania may only be prolonged by Organic Law in case of war or disaster”.


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