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January 27, 2023

ForMin Aurescu reconfirms Romania’s contribution to Afghan Security Forces financial support effort

The Romanian Foreign Affairs minister, Bogdan Aurescu has reviewed on Tuesday in Brussels the security evolutions on the NATO Eastern flank and highlighted the importance of consolidating the North-Atlantic Alliance’s relationship with its Eastern neighbourhood partners.

Participating in the North-Atlantic countries’ foreign affairs’ ministers, the Romanian chief diplomat looked back upon the security evolutions on the NATO Eastern flank, with an accent on the Black Sea extended region and stressed the significance of these evolutions on the regional security.

‘Bogdan Aurescu expressed his belief that the full, on time implementation of the Alliance’s Action Plan to increase its reaction level as main decision endorsed by the heads of states and governments at the recent summit in Great Britain, will represent a proof of the Allied indivisibility of security and solidarity, aiming to strengthen joint defence. In this respect, he appreciated the relevant progress obtained with a view to assure an Allied presence on the NATO Eastern flank, Romania included, as an important element to discourage the risk factors,’ the MAE specifies.

As for the relationship of the NATO with the Eastern neighbourhood countries, Aurescu showed that through the instruments the Alliance has as regards the strengthening of its defence capabilities, the NATO support for its Eastern partners will represent an essential contribution to boosting regional security.

The Foreign Affairs minister also reiterated Romania’s commitment to increase its Defence budget, so that its 2 percent of the Gross Domestic Product target be reached in 2017.


Romania to contribute up to 650 troops to the future NATO mission supporting the Afghan National security and Defence Forces


Also, Bogdan Aurescu reconfirmed Romania’s contribution to the international and allied effort meant to render financial support to the Afghan Security Forces. The Romanian top diplomat made the remarks on attending the Resolute Support format meeting on the occasion of a gathering of NATO foreign ministers.

Aurescu evoked the ‘efforts and sacrifices’ made by the allies and the operational partners with a view to backing the Afghan Government in the fight against international terrorism.

‘The Romanian dignitary noted the wish expressed by the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Asraf Ghani and the head of the Afghan executive Abdullah Abdullah, who also attended the meeting, for NATO’s continued involvement in supporting the transformation of the Afghan society. In this respect, he communicated the decision made by the Romanian authorities to contribute up to 650 troops to the future NATO mission aimed at training, advising and supporting the Afghan National Security and Defence Forces’, the ministry said.

Aurescu also hailed the completion of the internal Afghan procedures for the ratification of the Agreement on the Status of NATO Forces in Afghanistan (SOFA) as well as of the Bilateral U.S.-Afghanistan Security Agreement, stressing the two acts ‘reconfirm not only the solidity of the allied commitment, but also the Afghan state’s wish to consolidate its institutions’


Invitation from Aurescu’s French counterpart to pay visit to Paris


Bogdan Aurescu on Wednesday met with his French counterpart, Laurent Fabius, on the sidelines of the international informal conference on ISIL.

During the meeting, Fabius launched an invitation to the head of the Romanian diplomacy to pay a visit to Paris in the beginning of next year. ‘The two high-ranked dignitaries briefly reviewed the current state of bilateral relations between the two countries under the Strategic Partnership concluded back in February 2008, including its later update – the Roadmap, adopted in February 2013. Moreover, the two ministers discussed about the political dialogue to be carried out at high level in 2015. The French Minister launched an invitation to his Romanian counterpart to pay a visit to Paris in the beginning of next year,’ a press release says quoted by Agerpres.

Laurent Fabius and Bogdan Aurescu also agreed on the setting up of a mechanism of regular consultations on such topics as European affairs and security matters concerning the two foreign affairs ministries respectively.

At the same meeting they also approached such issues having to do with the Republic of Moldova, the means through which this country’s European aspirations could be supporter further. Both the head of the French diplomacy and his Romanian counterpart voiced support for the establishment, as soon as possible, of a new pro-European government in the Republic of Moldova.


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