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February 6, 2023

Mircea Geoana: “Never has Romania been more strategically relevant for the West than today”

“Never in its modern history has Romania been more strategically relevant for the West than today”,Mircea Geoana, chairman of Aspen Institute Romania, told the 4th edition of Aspen  Leadership Awards and Gala Dinner 2014 organized  on Wednesday evening.He added, however, that the international situation makes Romania face a challenge like never before.
‘A more complex and more sophisticated challenge as I do not think the Romanian state has ever been faced with something more complex and more sophisticated than now. It is also true that Romania has never been more strategically relevant for the West than today. Never, since the Crimean War, the first one, till after the First World War do I think Romania has been more strategically relevant’, said Geoana  A range of awards were presented during the gala. “Serge Moscovici” Values-Based Leadership Award went to  the European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs Pierre Moscovici; the Sport and Society award was granted  to athlete Paula Todoran; the Innovation and Technology award was bestowed on researcher Rada Mihalcea; the award for the contribution to the Romanian cultural heritage and George Pomut Award for Public Service in Dignity was offered to Sergeant Major Florinel Enache. “The 2014 edition of the “Aspen Leadership Awards and Gala Dinner”, celebrates our achievements in the past 8 years and offeres a perspective on our future leadership, policy and public programs.The Aspen Leadership Gala stands as an occasion for those that were instrumental in our creation and successes and those that benefited of our programs and fellowships, to once again come together and reflect on what is the added value of a community moved by shared values and not just interests. The Gala honors the Young Leaders Program 2014 generation for its accomplishments in the past year in the ambitious attempt of producing a significant impact on societies across Central and Eastern Europe.Also, continuing the Aspen tradition, through the Aspen Leadership Awards we acknowledged specific efforts and personal commitment to values-based, creative and transformative leadership of people that have had a significant contribution to the overall advancement of Romanian society,” reads the website www.aspeninstitute.ro.


PSD needs to be reinvented, a political revival

Senator Geoana, recently expelled from the Social Democratic Party (PSD), said Wednesday evening that he intends to make “one last attempt”, namely to provide the party with “a project of political revival and internal re-democratisation”. “Feeling a sense of responsibility and moral obligation towards the millions of people who have voted for me and for us, I intend to make one last attempt to give a helping hand in a formula I am sure it can be found to be able to move the PSD forward. If the people decide to remain stuck with the same figures completely exhausted in moral, political and electoral terms, at that moment, we certainly going to figure out other solutions,” Geoana said when asked under which conditions he would return to the PSD.  Basically, he explained he will try to provide the party with a project of political revival and internal redemocratisation, things that have completely disappeared during “the era of Ponta”. “My first option is a profound reinvention of PSD, a genuine modernization, democratization and re-ideologisation of PSD. If this is still possible. I hope that within a Congress where the 500,000 members will vote, according to the statute, a true internal referendum, I find it difficult to believe that the 500,0000 PSD members will vote at the request of the ten, twenty, thirty leaders clinging to power or afraid that the judiciary might affect their interests,” Geoana said. He also commented the statements made by his former PSD colleague Adrian Nastase, who said that it is wrong to wash the party’s dirty linen in public. Mircea Geoana admitted that Nastase experienced a lot of difficult moments as PSD leader, but he also said that PSD has never been in such delicate situation.


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