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February 3, 2023

Vasile Blaga for Gandul Live: It would be the best to overtake power by snap elections

The Liberals’ plan after winning the presidential election is to overtake the governmental power by change of majority not by co-opting MPs of the present leading party, but by negotiations with the other parties, at the right time. “We should approach parties in the Parliament to reach majority. We should discuss with UNPR, UDMR, the minorities. We will start these discussions at the right time”, PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga declared at Gandul Live.

The most adequate version, Blaga says, would be that PNL overtake the Government by snap elections.

“It would be the best to overtake the power by snap elections. (…) We would need a censure motion and to overrule two governments in the Parliament. My colleagues will accept it. I cannot predict what PSD, PC, UDMR and the other MPs would do. We will explain the point to our own MPs and they will understand. We will have to win the elections”, Blaga mentioned, announcing the censure motion in February. Until then, the plan includes a fast solution to the electoral code issue by reducing the number of MPs, introducing the vote by mail and a German pattern-based electoral system.

“Mr. President Klaus Iohannis said that we wanted to overtake the power. It is an irrelevant purpose to attempt removing Ponta. We must overtake the Government”, Blaga confirmed Iohannis’ acceptance for the scenario of the snap elections. “We would not agree with political migration, not even with migration within the Parliament to overtake the power. At this time, there’s a declared majority surrounding Victor Ponta. They have the majority they need to come forward with a budget”, Blaga also mentioned. He added that PNL will only overtake the power constitutionally, mentioning that his party would not vote for the budget and woould submit a censure motion in February.


“I do not picture Victor Ponta leading PSD on a long term; PSD is a party that devours its leaders after failures”


Asked about the situation inside PSD, Vasile Blaga declared: “PSD is not a problem of mine. It is difficult to deal with failure. Things are not clear over there and they are even tougher than we may notice. It is their problem to pay for this obnoxious campaign infused by them with false topics and to deal with its consequences”.

He also expressed the opinion that, based on the history of PSD, he “does not see Ponta leading on a long term”. “They immediately devoured their leaders after these failures. Nobody of the people involved in the campaign would assume their responsibility”, Vasile Blaga declared for Gandul Live.

“I cannot imagine myself negotiating majorities with Mr. Ponta and with PSD. I think it was a mistake in 2009. Actually, the greatest mistake was that of Tariceanu, whom they proposed a parity formula”, Blaga noticed.

About Dorin Cocos, Elena Udrea’s ex-husband, arrested by prosecutors for involvement in corruption scandals, the PNL Co-President declared:

“I know Dorin Cocos. I have known him since 2000. I never imagined he had affairs like these; if he is guilty, he will pay for it. He never came to me to ask for anything. I do not think that the prosecutors may arrest anyone without proof. I think they will show precisely what happened”.

“I was not Ms. Udrea’s husband. She claimed she would have told the leadership of the party what happened at ANRP. But I know Mr. Boc and I do not think she would have done so. Mr. Boc, as I know him, would have gone straight to DNA”, Blaga added.

The PNL Co-President is not interested in a future collaboration with PMP, Elena Udrea’s party. “Many MPs left them. I do not think we will collaborate even if Traian Basescu joins them. I do not think he can turn PMP into a clean party filled with all the intellectuals that had left PDL.”


“Catalin Predoiu would be our Prime Minister”


Interviewed on Tuesday by Gandul Live, PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga declared that he felt “able” to be Prime-Minister but that he was also “a man with principles” and that the position of Prime Minister would be given to PNL Vice-President Catalin Predoiu, if the party would establish the Government.

“Catalin Predoiu would be our PM”, Blaga mentioned, revealing that the place of a party president is at the party headquarters. “You cannot be both the president and the prime minister”, the PNL Co-President stated.

“The place of a party president is not inside the Executive”, Blaga pointed out, adding that “it would be the best to have a coalition government for an electoral cycle or two”.


“I have nothing to object to George Maior; he was very fair”


Asked at Gandul Live if Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) and Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) directors would be changed after Klaus Iohannis starts his term as a President, Vasile Blaga declared that he has not discussed this subject with the elected President.

“I know that there is not a manager nominated at SIE and that Maior offered his services. I have not discussed what Mr. Iohannis wanted to do. Mr. Maior has done an excellent job as head of SRI. I have nothing to object to him. He was very fair”, Blaga declared.





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