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February 1, 2023

PSD’s leader prefers “being a part of a winning team than the captain of a losing team”

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Friday said again that he may consider resigning office if President-elect Klaus Iohannis nominates his replacement from the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

In an interview with Obiectiv.info on Friday, the PSD’s leader  was asked whether he considers resigning if his resignation is followed by the nomination of a prime minister from PSD, Ponta said, ‘Certainly. But that is a decision the new president, Mr Iohannis can take. You can see how a discussion with Mr Basescu is totally unserious. You cannot talk with someone who goes home in two weeks’ time.’

In the same context, Ponta voiced dissatisfaction over incumbent President Traian Basescu representing Romania at the European Council summit this month.

‘There is a gentleman who goes home directly from Brussels. I want so much for Romania to be again represented starting with the next European Council summit in 2015. Romania has no longer been represented for two years at the European summits because Mr Basescu never asked Government for any document and never delivered any document to the Government after the summits,’ said Ponta.


Ponta ready to support “wholeheartedly” anyone able to lead PSD in anew project for the party and the country


In his first interview since the stormy National Executive Committee (CExN) of PSD that expelled three notorious party members, instead focusing on the real reasons that led to his failure in the presidential elections, Ponta added that  he is considering not filing a bid for the national chairmanship of the party at the PSD Congress convention next March, but he will wholeheartedly support the PSD member who manages to build a new political project for PSD.

‘If there is anyone able to lead the team in a new project for the party and the country, I will support him or her wholeheartedly,’ Ponta told Obiectiv.info .

About the profile of the future national leader of PSD, Ponta said anyone who manages to build a new project as he did in 2010, although one week before the Congress convention he was not even a candidate, fits the description.

Asked whether he considers no longer running for the PSD national chairmanship, Ponta said, ‘Certainly, because I have the same mentality as ever, I have not changed it in all these years. I prefer being a part of a winning team than the captain of a losing team.’

The head of the Government on Friday also admitted for obiectiv.info  that both he and the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Titus Corlatean have already assumed political responsibility for the bad organising of the voting for the Romanian Diaspora in the presidential election this November and claimed that, as far as he knew, no one tried to break the law, reported Agerpres.

When asked his opinion about the fact that the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA)  is currently looking into the Diaspora vote, Ponta said that the anti-corruption prosecutors need to investigate this file.

‘Voting abroad was badly organised, we assumed that data used in 2009 were still valid in 2014, while they were completely outdated. (…) But nobody broke the law. The political responsibility is one thing and I completely assume it, me and Mr Cortalean also. However, criminal liability means that someone actually broke the law. As far as I know no one committed any crime. But it is of course DNA’s duty to check into the matter,’ said Ponta.


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