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February 7, 2023

PNL’s “shadow cabinet” completed, future PM Predoiu begins drawing up government program

While incumbent Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Friday said again that he may consider resigning office if President-elect Klaus Iohannis nominates his replacement from the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the future  Liberal  PM Catalin Predoiu  has almost completed the list of ministers of his  “shadow cabinet” and has begun drawing up a governing program so the big Liberal party resulted from the merger of PNL and PDL could take the reins of government in any moment.

The Liberals won the presidency through Klaus Iohannis’ victory, and the next step would be entering the government. But with reduced chances for the moment to form a new majority in Parliament, Liberal leaders have started to gather for working in advance to a specific government program.


According to sources quoted by RomaniaTV, each of the two parties has a team made up of three persons who coordinates the elaboration of the future government program: Catalin Predoiu, Adrian Videanu and Sulfina Barbu (on behalf of PDL); Teodor Atanasiu, Eduard Hellvig and Varujan Vosganian (PNL).

The future governmental strategies of the Liberals are drawn up by specialists, for each field being designated a member of the former PDL, doubled by a member of the former PNL before the merger. They will work  together on the future governmental policies  dealing with areas they have experience in, and then after PNL will form the government, one of them is to become minister officially.

Most probably, the future Predoiu Cabinet will have this configuration:

Andreea Paul or Lucian Isar-Ministry of Economy;  George Ialomiţianu or Iulian Dumitrescu- Ministry of Finance;  Lucian Bode- Ministry of Energy;  Anca Boagiu or Ludovic Orban, Ministry of Infrastructure ;  Claudia Boghicevici or Cristina Pocora- Ministry of Labour; Sulfina Barbu or Lucia Varga- Ministry of Environment;  Dragos  Şerban or Eugen Nicolaescu- Ministry of Health; Raluca Turcan-Ministry of Education;  Marinică Dincă or Teodor Atanasiu- Ministry of National Defence;- Traian Igas or Victor Paul Dobre- Ministry of Interior; Radu Carp or Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu -Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Monica Macovei, Alina Gorghiu or Daniel Buda-Ministry of Justice; Alin Tise  or Marian Petrache-Regional Development; Dan Motreanu or Gheorghe Stefan-Ministry of Agriculture; Radu F. Alexandru –Ministry of Culture.

While some of these nominees that have already started to work at this political project that will turn into the future government program of Predoiu Cabinet, most of them are new names without ministerial experience, most of them are experienced persons who have already held ministerial portfolios over the past ten years in the previous cabinets with PDL or PNL majority, like Sulfina Barbu, Varujan Vosganian, George Ialomitianu, Anca Boagiu, Ludovic Orban, Sulfina Barbu, Eugen Nicolaescu, Teodor Atanasiu ,Monica Macovei, Traian Igas, Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu, etc.

The names listed above have two months to put together a plan of government, given that PNL is preparing to submit a no-confidence motion in Parliament next February, an action that would bring them at the helm of the government.

“We don’t go to work on an empty ground .There are already  policies developed within the party, but they must be made in accordance with the dynamics of Mr. Ponta’s  bad governance, “said Predoiu after the first meeting with the Liberals a few days ago.




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