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February 3, 2023

23 years since Independence: Kazakhstan builds up its ambitious and deserved future

Every year, on December 16, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kazakhs all over the world are in celebration. This holiday marks the independence of Kazakhstan declared on December 16, 1991 through the adoption of the Constitutional Law following the collapse of the Soviet Union. On this day, the Kazakhs all over the world solemnly celebrate their independence, proudly honoring their historical past, the national values and symbols, but also looking faithfully to a blossoming future.

Kazakhstan Independence Day is marked by festivities in the presidential palace and all over the country. People dress up in traditional clothes, yurts (traditional tents) are set up in many villages where local delicacies are served.

In a world with a fast changing architecture, facing new challenges and threats, the 23 rd anniversary of the Independence finds the country embarked on a very ambitious and challenging road  drawn up two years ago by president Nursultan  Nazarbayev when he has launched “Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy”. Called “Eternal Kazakhstan”, this milestone visionary project marks the beginning of a new era in the history of this nation, with the goal to shape and develop a country able to join the group of the most 30 developed countries in the world.

“Over the last 23 years Kazakhstan has accomplished a great deal. We have created our own successful model of development. Every citizen is immensely proud of their country. They have faith in tomorrow and believe in the future of Kazakhstan. 97 percent of our citizens recognize the stability of their social-economic condition and its continuous improvement year to year.Today the achievements of our country are the national pride of every citizen. Strong and powerful countries are formed on long-term vision and stable economic development. Strategy “Kazakhstan – 2050” is a modernization path for all areas to provide sustainable growth. It is a big challenge, which will test and strengthen our country, our unity, our courage and our efforts. Our common duty and responsibility is to implement the strategy flawlessly and overcome this test without failures,” underlines the address to the nation of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, from January 17, 2014 .

The same presidential address emphasizes that Kazakhstan of the 21st century is a country created from scratch in just two decades by talented, hardworking and tolerant people! “This is our creation in which we take huge pride! It is our great creation that we wholeheartedly love!We’ve adopted Strategy-2050 so that Kazakhstan’s people can hold firmly in their hands the helm of the country’s future. Today, many successful countries – China, Malaysia and Turkey – follow their long-term strategies. Strategic planning is a ‘number one’ rule in the 21st century, because no wind will be favorable unless a country does not know its route and destination harbor. Strategy “Kazakhstan 2050”, as a guiding beacon, allows us to solve our people’s everyday issues, while also keeping our priority aims in mind. This means that we should improve the life of our nation not in 30 or 50 years’ time, but do so every year. The Strategy is a program of concrete practical actions, which on a daily basis will improve our country and the life of every citizen of Kazakhstan. However, everyone must understand that, in market conditions, we must work effectively, rather than wait for “manna from heaven”. The government’s task is to provide all conditions for this.I am convinced that the prosperous future of our homeland lies among developed countries. Achieving this ambition will unite the people of Kazakhstan forever,” also says President Nazarbayev’s address to the nation dedicated to the steps to be followed by the country to achieve the goals of the “Kazakhstan 2050” Strategy shaping the ambitious future of the country.

“We are united by our national idea – Mangilik El (Eternal Nation), making its way to the independent development of “Nurly Zhol”. To follow this path we need to work hard, and to unite our efforts on the way to a brighter future. The Eternal Nation is a unifying force and an inexhaustible source of energy. It is the basis for not only the “Kazakhstan 2050” Strategy, but also the strong ideological foundation of Kazakhstan’s Statehood in the 21st century! The Eternal Nation is itself the source of a new Kazakhstan Patriotism. It is a great principle for the entire society of Kazakhstan,” President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, told in his recent address to the nation on  November 11, 2014.

“Today, as we respond to the challenges we face, I proclaim Kazakhstan’s New Economic Policy “Nurly Zhol” (The Bright Road). This is what I devote my state-of-the-nation address for 2015. The policy will have a counter-cyclical character and will be aimed at continuing structural reforms in our economy,” added Mr. Nazarbayev.

As a leader in the Central Asia, the Republic of Kazakhstan makes a considerable contribution to strengthening of the region’s stability. The country has achieved big successes on the international scene and has constantly increased its visibility, image, credibility and prestige in this respect. The evidence of this is Kazakhstan’s OSCE Chairmanship in 2010 conducted with great success and big achievements.

Due to its geo-strategic location, the Republic of Kazakhstan is an outstanding political actor and respected voice in the region but also at international level, with core priorities in its foreign policy directions oriented towards developing and strengthening strategic and comprehensive partnerships with its big and important neighbours Russia and China, with the other neighbours from Central Asia, with the United States and with the European Union.

One of the won bets of Kazakhstan in terms of increasing more its international prestige, image and fame in the world will be the hosting of Expo 2017 in Astana, a revolutionary project for which huge financial resources have already been allotted by the Kazakh authorities to successfully achieve it.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is an industrial country with mining operations being one of the main sources of its economic growth. The country’s mineral raw material base consists of more than 5 000 deposits which expected value is estimated at tens of trillion US dollars. The country holds first place in the world with regard to explored reserves of zinc, tungsten and barite, second – silver, lead and chromites, third – copper and fluorite, fourth – molybdenum, sixth – gold.

Kazakhstan also has considerable reserves of oil and gas, which are concentrated in its western areas. Nowadays the country belongs to the group of the world’s leading oil-producing states with volumes amounting to more than 80 million tons of oil and gas condensate a year. According to plans the annual extraction will be increased to 120 million tons by 2020. At present Kazakhstan is in 9th place in the world with regard to confirmed reserves of oil. Besides that, the country is in 8th place by the reserves of coal and 2nd place by the reserves of uranium.

“Kazakhstan owns a territory so vast it would tire the wings of a bird to fly over it. Thus, this plan requires huge funds and hard work. There is a saying: “If you want to know a nation’s prosperity look at its paths.” Road connections are of high importance, not only for travel, but also for the transportation of goods,” underlined President Nazarbayev in his message to the nation, recalling the focus put by the Government on building modern highways and railroads aimed at strengthen trade and economic ties between the regions.

“Over the past 22 years of our sovereignty and development we have formed our core values, they are the foundation of our country’s future and unite all the people of Kazakhstan. They are not taken from mystical stories or theories. These values are the embodiment of Kazakhstan’s Way, which has withstood the test of time,” President Nazarbayev pointed out in his message addressed to the nation on January 2014.

The stable growth of all branches of the Kazakh economy, the international recognition, the political stability serve as a basis for prosperity of the Kazakhstani society that looks with optimism to a great future ahead.

Summing up: A glorious past and a rich cultural heritage and patrimony behind, valuable human potential, huge natural resources, vision of its leaders and a lot of ambition and effort of a very talented and hard-working people with incommensurable creative potential. This is the today’s Kazakhstan, a country that follows its challenging path towards a well deserved future in the modern highly-competitive and fast changing world.
















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