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June 28, 2022

23 years since the approval of Romania’s Constitution by referendum: Iohannis demands a change in the Fundamental Law

The newly elected President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis announced on Monday, on Constitution Day, that Romania’s Fundamental Law needs a revision, mentioning that it includes “texts that allowed forced interpretation, beyond the spirit of the fundamental act”.

The Constitution has already passed the test of time, but it also includes changes that proved to be less fortunate, as well as texts that allowed forced interpretations, beyond the spirit of the fundamental act, says a message issued by newly elected president Klaus Iohannis on the occasion of Constitution Day, Mediafax reports.

“This is precisely the reason why the Constitution revision, modernization and clarification process should be completed as soon as possible. The changes will make it more powerful and will build a more efficient state edifice, to strengthen the constitutional state as well as civil liberties”, the newly elected president adds. The respect to the Constitution refers not only to the text of the fundamental law, but also to following it in all actions and decisions”, the message issued by Iohannis points out, mentioning that “the spirit of the Constitution” should be “a permanent landmark”, found in principles such as “the separation of powers in the state, the reign of the law, respect for citizens’ rights”.


Ponta: “The change of the Constitution is an opportunity to reshape institutions”


Changing the Constitution may be, in the present political – institutional circumstances, an opportunity to redefine institutions and to restructure the political, social and economical life in Romania, PM Victor Ponta shows in his message dedicate to Romania’s Constitution Day.

“Today, at the anniversary of 23 years since the approval of Romania’s Constitution by the referendum of December 8, 1991, it is important to have a retrospective view with objectivity, critical sense and responsibility. We may notice that the present Fundamental Law succeeded to develop the foundation of a democratic system based on Constitutional state principles, market economy, pluralism and fundamental human rights”, the message issued by the Government Press Bureau shows, according to Agerpres.

Ponta adds that the Constitution Day is also an impulse to the future, to the Romania of the generations to come, to their aspirations and the necessities of the 21st century society.

“The change of the constitution may be, in the present politico-institutional circumstances, an opportunity to reshape institutions and to restructure the political, social and economical life in Romania.

The artificial multiplication of politico-economical crises in the last decade brought Romania in a political and economical blockage that affects the entire society. The institutional conflict in the Government aggravated, stirring all levels of society. The tensions among various powers and authorities had as a consequence a detuning in the mechanism of separation and balance of powers in the state. Instead of promoting the harmony of powers, the conflict among them was stimulated”, PM Ponta declares.

The Prime Minister concludes that a discussion dedicated to a change in the Constitution is a project needed by the entire Romanian society.




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