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February 5, 2023

Ioan Rus on ‘communism’ in PSD and effect of ‘Facebook spiral’ on election

Judging Victor Ponta’s failure in the presidential election with a cold mind, PSD Vice-President Ioan Rus thinks ‘the spiral that knew an extraordinary expansion’ on Facebook on the last days of the presidential election had ‘a massive propagandistic character’. Rus enounced his theory on Pro TV on Sunday. ‘The Constitutional Court says what’s on Facebook is public information. Ok, but how can one check it? I mean, I write something about you, you share that with a friend in your group and so on, none of us checks the information. But the responsibility for the written word, for what you pass on as information has to belong to someone. In this environment one needs not to demonstrate anything, the information is distributed and nobody checks it. I wrote something about, my friends take it for granted, because they believe me, they pass it on to others and it all goes in a spiral. No sociologist caught this spiral various information has travelled in, they never grasped it and it knew an extraordinary expansion on the last days before the runoff election. If you want to logically demonstrate the assertions made there about the communists, you cannot do that, which means that it has a massive propagandistic character. This is its character, if you look closely’, Ioan Rus said.

As for the youth who voted for the right-wing candidate in the 2014 presidential election, Ioan Rus wonders about what could possibly tie a young student or a worker to the political right. ‘I mean what’s the connection between the goods and the packaging? None, in this situation. You cannot be a rightist as long as you have no right-wing value to defend. As a student, you have left-wing things to defend, because you need social welfare and support. Because the Romanian Social-Democracy is the successor, with rights and obligations – because this is how it emerged, because Romanian Revolution – the way it was born, in many former communist countries the Social-Democrats became the successors, with rights and obligations, of the former communist parties’, Ioan Rus said on Pro TV.

The vice-president of PSD admits to having been a Communist Party member, but stresses that it is absurd for Victor Po0nta to be called a communist, as long as ‘he never was, he has no idea about (…) communism, he only lived those times as a teenager’. Ioan Rus says he expected the label of communism to disappear together with the generation of young people in PSD.

‘But it has not disappeared, because the propaganda has worked in such a way that… But it will disappear. It is a problem, it’s still a problem of appreciation, however an emotional rather than reasonable one’, he said.



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