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February 4, 2023

Ponta claims to resign if DNA files accusations for Diaspora voting

Invited to the show Q & A on TV station Antena 3 on Saturday evening, PM Victor Ponta discussed his relation with elected president Klaus Iohannis, changes in the structure of the Government, the scandal inside PSD and negotiations with IMF.

“We need dialogue and collaboration, not fights. (…) I have run for Presidency along Mr. Iohannis, he won, I did not deny it at all and I have no resentment to someone who has won an electoral competition. I am absolutely confident that he understands as much as I do the necessity that the things that had gone bad during the last decade would change. I am pretty sure that it will be a positive change”, the Prime Minister pointed out. “Klaus Iohannis will have to unify us. We are terribly divided as a country and as a nation and we need the idea of living together”, Ponta added.

Asked how often he thought of resigning, Victor Ponta answered: “First of all, I have thought about it immediately after the date of 16, because it was normal”. “My purpose in life is not to be seated in a position, but to have a position if I can do something I believe in”, the Prime Minister added.

“I wanted to be Prime Minister, I have prepared myself for this position, the candidacy to the Presidential elections appeared in the last moment. (…) 2014 was a year of unexpected changes. (…) I never wanted to give anyone the impression that I merely want to get seated on a chair and the rest does not matter. The final and most important part for me is that, for being in a public position, the highest price is paid by my loved ones: Daciana, Irina and Andrei”, Ponta declared.
“I have thought about resigning. I have told my colleagues that it would be normal and commonsensical to do it and, anyway, they need a new management”.

Questioned why he changed his mind regarding the resignation, Victor Ponta declared: “I have felt it and I am confident it was not hypocrisy. I have received messages from behalf of many people who have told me that they have voted for me and that they believed in me. (…) Many of the people who have voted for me and believed in me wrote to me that I am not allowed to abandon them”.

“I think I have the required internal resources to continue a project I have started in 2010 and applied since 2012, when I became Prime Minister, to carry through extremely important projects my voters have believed in”, PM Victor Ponta explained. “I am starting it all over again, wiser, because people learn more from losses than from victories”.

Ponta also announced that he would go to the Parliament next week with a restructured Government, including not only new names, but also a new concept of governing.

“I think that we can really govern this nation and I believe that the message of November 16 should reach everybody, not just PSD. There are essential things that require a change, and the message is for all of us. (…) It is a message politicians and the political class in its entirety is supposed to understand. Who gets it faster will win in 2016. I think that if we govern better and if we change what should be changed in politics, we may win in 2016”, Ponta added.
Regarding the elections abroad, the Prime Minister admitted he had poorly organized them out of an error. “We thought we needed the same voting stations as in 2009. It was my mistake, as well as that of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and things went from bad to worse as far as organization was concerned. I am truly sorry about it. It cost me a lot. The solution for the future of the elections is only one: let’s make a system that would work”.

“If DNA will request starting a legal pursuit against me, I will certainly resign”, Ponta outlined.


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