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February 7, 2023

President Nursultan Nazarbayev about the future of Kazakhstan : Remarks near Ulytau Mountains, Zhezkazgan city

First of all, I do think that this is a very historic moment for Zhezkazgan, as well as this city that is connected to the name of the famous Kazakh scientist and geologist Kanysh Satpayev and copper deposits. So much copper and ore have been extracted for the last 50-60 years, and all these mineral resources began to run out. Accordingly Zhezkazgan started to come across with these issues, and the welfare of the city began to deteriorate.

This is a natural issue. It was Soviet period time, when large mineral deposits and each power station began to appear near towns and villages. Therefore, first, Zhezkazgan always remained on the railway deadlock, it has always been a problem, secondly, during the Soviet period, all railway were built northwards towards Russia, while the construction of railway lines in the east-west direction to connect cities was not included in the plans of Russia and the Soviet Union. No one could even imagine these things.

Nowadays, since our economy began to grow, we have allocated 2,75 million dollars for the construction of these rail routes with a length of 1,200 km. It is very easy to say, but in terms of significance, it will be used at least in the next 50 and 100 years.

When I was flying in the helicopter, I was looking at this absolutely clean land and did not even notice a single sparrow. There are no people in this clean land, because there are no jobs, no households for the people. This railway will give a life to the region, people will have an opportunity to find jobs, they could send and receive mails. To extend the life of the factory, there are some sort of pillars under the ground, which are rich for ore, and to extract the ore which has villages above it, the ground beneath them could collapse. Due to this, the state have allocated 250 million USD, and 6,000 houses in bad condition have been moved to good new built houses, and now we will extract 200 million tons of ore, 2 million of copper, which means that this will give a life for the factory for the next 20-30 years. Furthermore, if further exploration works will be carried out, then there may be new deposits.

It is very vital to know your history. Future of a nation who does not know its history is difficult. Nowadays, we make a lot of efforts to get to know our history. One of these histories is ULYTAU Mountains. When I was searching for a place for future capital, I came to Ulytau. This is truly a historic center of the Kazakh nation. But from a modern point of view, you can see for yourself, there is nothing here. No roads, no water, no airport. Nothing! For construction, this place would require a lot of money and, ultimately, it is the inappropriate place for the capital of the country. But it is a sacred place, and so it will remain. Construction of railroads and highways is underway. In the future, it will be a place attractive for tourists, people will come here to honor the memory of our ancestors.

Generally speaking, to tell the truth, we are the nation that could have lost its language and religion. During the Soviet time, there was strict russification process. The status of Kazakh language was very low, but in general, for our nation, country and people, our history, culture and customs we can show only through our language. For example, we cannot translate some poems of Abai from Kazakh into Russian, English or another language, it is impossible because it has its own features, therefore, if we lost language, we may lose these features. As for religion, since we gained our independence, we are getting back our religion. Now you can notice that Kazakhs have always been close to religion. Many people are religious, lots of mosques are being built, we are preparing people who are preaching religion. And this is right, we have to maintain our religion and traditions. We all need these. Nevertheless, nations which consider their religion is the only good faith face many challenges now. There are some nations that divide Muslim religion for Sunnis and Shiites which sheds bloods now. There are many Catholics that at war with each other. Therefore, it is very important to respect other religions, study and know them, and then they will respect Islam.

The state undertakes all measures and provides all opportunities to let the people to study Kazakh language. It is written in the Constitution that the state language in our country is Kazakh. There is nobody that prohibits speaking Kazakh, no one interferes with the Kazakh language. We need to speak Kazakh, and have to respect this language. There are some intellectuals, writers, cultural figures complaining that our language has become orphan, cannot get up off its knees during the years of independence. If you think you are unhappy, you will be so. If a man says that he is happy, then he will be happy. We will not change if we constantly insist that we do not have it. No need to create a panic, we must use the Law “On languages” to speak Kazakh, we have to communicate freely in own language and show this example to others.

Annually in Kazakhstan over 100,000 children graduate from schools, 80,000 of whom study in Kazakh language.

At every school, Russian or another, studying of the Kazakh language is mandatory. Any school kid in grades 6-7, for example, now can speak both Kazakh and Russian, and even English. This is our concern for the language.

For the moment, we are trying to translate international universal words into Kazakh. For example, international word “piano” “was translated as “Kuisandiq”. It does not correspond to the meaning. Another international word “composer” was translated as “Sazger”. “Saz” gives a different concept. By thinking that we must move away from the Russian language, we take it from Turkish, from Arabic, from Persian, and thus spoiling the language. We must enrich the language by international terms, and there is nothing bad about it and should not be this scared. The state language is not in danger, the language grows and gets richer, and it has a great future.

There are 6,000 languages in the world, 10 percent of which are dying annually.

Seventy percent of the world’s population use English. Because it is the language of science, education, medicine, culture and media. Of course, you can live without the knowledge of the English language, but you will be deprived of the knowledge which allows you to get the language. Without this knowledge, we put an obstacle to our future development and growth. So, how can we develop to boost the economy, to enter the top 30 developed countries, if our people, our young people do not speak English?

I believe that tri-lingual policy is right. Among this, our national language is competitive. If we know these three languages, then we get a great opportunity. This is what we need to understand.

The number of Kazakhs is growing, as well as the impact of our language. In the record keeping sphere, Kazakh language is being used, and no one interferes with it. In addition, there are many other ethnic groups who speak Kazakh. We must appreciate their own language.

Kazakhstan is in the centre of the world map, and we have no access to ocean.

For shipping goods by the train we pay for every single kilometer to deliver it to the Black Sea, we pay to ship it to China, Russia, Europe, therefore, our oceans are the territories of Russia and China. If we consider these countries as oceans, then we can feel ourselves as if near the ocean. So it is very important to trade with them.

As for the disadvantages of Kazakhstan’s participation in the Eurasian Economic Union is a manifestation of dilettantism. Thanks to creation of the Economic Community between Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus, the cost of goods delivery on the territory of the member countries of the Union have become cheaper, and, therefore, the Kazakh products to become more competitive in the global market.

This union is only an economic union, not a political one. All members have an equal voice and everything is decided by consensus. Kazakhstan is always right to secede from the union if it would pose a threat to independence.

The union has a lot of advantages and there are no arguments for pessimism. In addition, the strengthening of trade and economic relations with the neighboring countries will strengthen our security, as the stable political situation is beneficial for trading partners’ territories.

The western sanctions relate to many sectors of the economy of the neighboring state. Maybe some Russian factories will not be able to work in full force. This means they cannot buy our raw materials to the extent in which bought earlier, and here we may have difficulties.

Russia undertakes retaliatory sanctions and bans the import of certain foodstuffs from the West on its territory. In this regard, we are able to increase export of food products to Russia, including fruits and vegetables, meat and so on.

In general, direct Western sanctions against the Russian Federation do not relate to Kazakhstan. This year we plan to solve the problem of joining the WTO. We plan to continue the development of relations with the EU, and to conclude new agreements on cooperation.

Time will put everything in its place. Therefore, I do think that Kazakhstan’s future is bright, because we are a peaceful country, we are not an enemy to anybody, and we have no enemies, and have no external enemies.

My dream is to make Kazakhstan the eternal state, so I proposed the idea of “Mangilik El” (Eternal Nation), and we do everything to become an Eternal Nation.

I believe today’s younger generation are patriots of their country who are able to develop of Kazakhstan in future. I dream of a bright future for Kazakhstan. I hope our children and grandchildren will live better.



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