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June 28, 2022

Sebastian Ghita to create party

MP Sebastian Ghita has announced that starting in January he will start collecting signatures for a new party. “I talked with many of those with whom I collaborated in the campaign for Mr. Victor Ponta. And since we are all preoccupied with politics, we thought why not a new party. A new political movement, a new political platform will be successful. Starting in January we will start collecting signatures for a new party,” Sebastian Ghita stated on Sunday on Romania TV.

He pointed out that from the start he had the feeling that Victor Ponta “is not PSD.” “I left (PSD – editor’s note) first of all because that is what I felt from people and from the elections. Secondly, because I am not a regular party member. Anywhere I went in this PSD, Vice President, head of the Prahova branch, simple party member, mogul, I didn’t find a place for me in this party,” the MP stated, raising a condition for his return to PSD.

“I cannot go back to an unreformed PSD accused of communism, (…) which cannot impose rules and which gives the impression of fighting against prosecutors.”

Sebastian Ghita resigned from PSD on November 28, after a spat with PSD President Victor Ponta. The MP stated that Victor Ponta asked for his resignation.

Victor Ponta: “It’s his project. I’ve always been only in PSD and here is where I’ll make politics”

PSD President Victor Ponta was asked on Monday what he thinks about MP Sebastian Ghita’s intention of setting up a new left-wing party. Ponta pointed out that this project is Ghita’s and that he has always been part of PSD and will make politics in that party. “It’s his project. I have always been only in PSD and here is where I will make politics,” Ponta answered. Asked whether he is afraid many Social-Democrats will leave PSD, Ponta answered: “No. I’m afraid of only one thing: that we won’t understand what voters expect from us.”

Monica Macovei: “He can set up a party, but it will be like him”

In a talk show on Adevarul Live, former presidential candidate Monica Macovei was asked what she thinks about the party that Sebastian Ghita will create. “He can set up a party, but it will be like him. He has so many contracts with the state, as an MP, and this shows lack of integrity. You don’t grow rich out of public funds. You go to Parliament to draft laws for the people, not to grow rich. A party that owes money to the state is bound to fail,” Monica Macovei stated.



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