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May 24, 2022

Who will follow Iohannis as PNL leader: Atanasiu or Orban?

Klaus Iohannis will soon leave his position as leader of the Liberal party. Inside PNL, power games already started for overtaking the vacant position left by the newly elected President of Romania.

The politicians who had already come forward with the intention to overtake the management of the party are Ludovic Orban and Teodor Atanasiu.

Teodor Atanasiu mentioned a few days ago that only Vice-Presidents of the party should run for the vacant position left after Klaus Iohannis starts his term as President of Romania and pointed out that, at the time being, nobody announced that intention except for him and Ludovic Orban.

“I am one of the candidates to this position and many of my colleagues have revealed their support to me. I hope there will be no battle for this position as, finally, it is an interim appointment until the Congress of 2017. I think that all party leaders will have a meeting, with all county presidents, and will have a friendly conversation, discussing our political agenda for the forthcoming period and the person who will represent us best. I hope we will choose out of two or three candidates and not out of 32 (Vice-Presidents, editor’s note)”, the Liberal Vice-President stated, as quoted by Agerpres.

Atanasiu mentioned that the election of the new Co-President will be made by the Permanent Central Bureau of PNL before December 21, the date Klaus Iohannis will take his oath as President of Romania. “In the week that precedes December 21 we will have to solve this problem as well”, the Liberal leader declared.

Teodor Atanasiu also outlined that, until the date the next Co-President is selected. there might be other candidates to the empty position, too. “It is not a limited time. Propositions may be made until the date of the meeting”, Atanasiu declared.

Atanasiu also mentioned that it was not a submission of a written application as a candidate, but a verbal declaration. “Finally, it is an internal election of a party; you are supposed to talk to your colleagues. If you feel that you are provided support, it is worth it; otherwise, it is a waste of time and a complication for them as well to submit your candidacy in vain”, Senator Teodor Atanasiu declared.

But it is possible though that the race for PNL presidency left vacant after Iohannis starts his term at Cotroceni may be entered by other pretenders as well.

One of the rumoured names is that of Deputy Dan Motreanu, highly rated by some of his colleagues, the website Antena 3 speculates.

Another candidate may be PNL General Secretary Marian Petrache, highly influential inside the party, the quoted source also mentions.

In an interview for DCNews, PNL Vice-President Roberta Anastase explained that the new PNL will be led until the Congress in 2017 by two Co-Presidents. One of them is Vasile Blaga and the other will be chosen by the Liberal wing of the new party to replace Klaus Iohannis.




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