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June 25, 2022

Cozmin Gusa: A national union Government is a solution to reset games until 2016

Political analyst Cozmin Gusa declared on Monday evening at Realitatea TV, during the show “Power Games”, hosted by Rares Bogdan, that a national union government led by a technocrat Prime Minister represents a solution to reset political games until 2016. Moreover, the political advisor outlined the importance of reform inside the parties that had determined Romania’s institutional decline.

“A national union government (…) with a positive technocrat and constructive Prime Minister is a solution to reset the games until 2016 and would send parties home to do their homework. (…) All of these parties should come back afterwards to say: ‘We are prepared, we have undergone a reform, we issued a protocol supporting the constructive Government and, please, dear Romanians, vote for us!’. Until then, these gentlemen who are directly responsible for the institutional decline in Romania, the leaders of the parties, are supposed to go home, to do their homework and to think whether they would withdraw or not, creating place to projects that deserve being voted, as, otherwise, all we do is prolonging the blockage”, Cozmin Gusa declared.

On the other hand, as far as newly elected president Klaus Iohannis is concerned, the political analyst pointed out that his main issue was not the one of appointing new advisors, but the one of generating projects “at the level of resorts or institutions that are still alive in Romania”, in order to generate a change.

“This is the main challenge for Klaus Iohannis, not advisors. I would not comment on his advisors (…), but on the projects he would create at the level of resorts and institutions that are still alive in Romania, ‘alive’ meaning that they would be able to think or to do something.

From Klaus Iohannis’ speech, held on the day that followed his victory, an important aspect may be highlighted, regarding the politicians: “You must do”. It was an adequate thing, as Klaus Iohannis, who had no time to delve so deep into politics, still has a sense of duty. Mr. Iohannis is the beneficiary of a huge hope and, at the same time, the target of a terrible hate. (…) He has been a competent Mayor, a candidate to the position of Prime Minister in 2009 and then to the position of Vice-Prime Minister, but Mr. Iohannis is still at the debut of his political career and he should not be hyperbolized. Perhaps he should learn what this position means and then he will start acting. As I noticed, he will be more likely to do things when he feels prepared, because, if he does them when he is not prepared, there is merely one step from sublime to ridiculous”, Cozmin Gusa pointed out.

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