H.E. Mr. Bogdan Aurescu, Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs: “Cooperation between Romania and Kazakhstan has been steadily growing”

“On 16 December Kazakhstan celebrates its National Day and this year – the anniversary of 23 years of Independence of the State.

It is an auspicious moment and offers me a great opportunity to highlight the excellent relations between Romania and the Republic of Kazakhstan, currently defined by the terms of the Declaration of Partnership and Cooperation signed by the Presidents of our countries in September 2003.

In its 22 years of bilateral diplomatic relations, the cooperation between Romania and the Republic of Kazakhstan has been steadily growing and achieved outstanding overall results. The economic ties have continuously strengthened, on a solid basis and with promising prospects for the future. The high-level political dialogue is systematic and substantial, economic exchanges are expanding while cultural and scientific relations are equally developing on an upward trend.

Romania was, throughout these 22 years, a constant supporter of the Republic of Kazakhstan as part of its efforts to emphasize the importance of Central Asia region on the international arena. Thus, Romania has supported and promoted initiatives and projects launched by Kazakhstan at the multilateral level, with regional impact. One such example is Romania’s support for Kazakhstan’s taking over the Chairmanship-in-Office of the OSCE and for hosting in Astana the OSCE Summit organized in 2010. The bilateral cooperation within the United Nations framework is equally rich and diversified. The Universal Expo Astana 2017 and Romania’s participation with a national stand may generate additional business opportunities that could benefit the freight transport potential between Central Asia and Europe which could maximize the shortest and most profitable transit over the Black Sea.

In recent years we have witnessed a number of positive developments that brought our relations to a new qualitative level. Among them I would mention: KazMunaiGaz Company’s presence in Romania; upgrading the diplomatic level of representation of Kazakhstan in Bucharest to Embassy; the recent appointment of the first Kazakhstani Ambassador to Romania, H.E. Mr. Daulet Batrashev. They all testify to the willingness to further develop the bilateral relations and to the prospects to make best use of the untapped potential for cooperation.

Romania and Kazakhstan relations are close to a partnership with strategic value. Kazakhstan remains among Romania’s most important partners in Central Asia, both in political and economic terms. Even if our economies have been affected by the global economic crisis, we still maintain a healthy trade partnership. For Romania, it is an unparalleled trade relationship in the region, with a vast potential to bring diversity to the current oil-based imports from Kazakhstan.

With the Protocol of cooperation between the Black Sea port of Constanta and the Caspian port of Aktau signed in 2007 we have a solid framework for developing cooperation between the two ports and overall the transport cooperation.

Kazakhstan remains a valuable partner for the European Union within Central Asia. I want to take this opportunity to congratulate the Kazakhstani Diplomatic Service for concluding the negotiations on a new legally-binding frame between the European Union and Kazakhstan, embodied in a Partnership and Cooperation Agreement.

In view of enhancing trade relations with the European Union, Kazakhstan’s main trading partner, Romania has been a constant supporter of Kazakhstan in actively pursuing accession to the World Trade Organization. All these elements shape up an  optimistic outlook for our bilateral relations and ambitious prospects of strengthening the  relations between Romania and Kazakhstan.

On the occasion of the National Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, it is my pleasure to convey, through this way, on behalf of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on my own behalf, heartfelt congratulations alongside with best wishes of progress, prosperity and wellbeing for the Kazakh people.

Happy anniversary to the Republic of Kazakhstan! ”


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