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May 20, 2022

Klaus Iohannis, proud of his book sale figures

President-elect Klaus Iohannis announces on Facebook that, next year, he would be ‘actively involved in a national campaign for the encouragement of reading’, as he is an avid reader himself. ‘I will be a president very close to this field not just because I once was the mayor of the European Cultural Capital, but because I am an avid reader and a great fan of culture’, Iohannis says.

His autobiographic book ‘Step by Step’ has sold in 100,000 copies so far and the president-elect writes about his performance in his message. ‘I am pleased to tell you that my volume, ‘Step by Step’, has already sold in 100,000 copies. The electronic edition of the book has also set a record. It is another example that it can be done, especially on a book market that is very small compared to other markets in Europe’, President-elect Klaus Iohannis states in the message posted on his Facebook page.

Klaus Iohannis released his autobiographic volume ‘Step by Step’ on 19 November 2014 at the Gaudeamus International Fair – Learning Book, where he did not leave before he gave autographs to all 2,500 people who queued to have his signature on the book.

The autobiographic book ‘Step by Step’ by Klaus Iohannis was released by Curtea Veche Publishing and costs 15 lei.

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