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Over half of Romanians think the country is going in the right direction

Shorty after the presidential elections, Romanians became much more optimistic regarding the future of the country, according to the INSCOP opinion poll ordered by the newspaper Adevarul.

56.3 percent of responders state that Romania has a good direction, compared to 24.3 percent stating this belief in the poll of October. 31.5 percent claim that things in Romania are going in the wrong direction (compared to 68.2 percent in support of the statement in October). 12.2 percent don’t know or don’t respond to the question (compared to 7.5 percent in October).

‘Practically, the sympathizers of both political parties contribute to the high level of the ‘good direction’ indicator given that Klaus Iohannis has won the presidential elections, and the Ponta Government has remained in power. The difference when compared to October is, however, obviously ensured by the sympathizers of President-elect Klaus Iohannis, that see in his election the guarantee of changes for the best in Romania’, the INSCOP director explains.

Furthermore, according to the same poll, 85.2 percent of Romanians state they voted on November 16, 13.5 percent did not turn up to the vote, and 1.3 percent did not answer the question.


52.3 percent say that the problems in the polling stations abroad did not contribute at all to their decision to vote


The same poll shows that of the total population stating it turned up to the polls, 26.8 percent claim that problems occurring in the polling stations abroad have determined them to a large extent to vote, 9.8 percent say they were determined to a lesser extent to vote by these events, while 52.3 percent say that the problems in the polling stations abroad did not contribute at all to their decision to vote.

In what regards their voting option, of the total population that said that they voted, 22.5 percent say that their political option was determined largely by the voting abroad, 20.1 show that their option was determined to a lesser extent by these problems, while 55.9 percent say that these situations did not contribute to their voting option at all.

‘The results of the research are clear and confirm through sociological data the intuitive explanations for the vote of November 16. The problems that occurred in the polling stations abroad have decisively influenced both the larger turnout – which was the main factor of the spectacular result – as well as the voting options. Practically, the behavior of a quarter of the electoral pool in the country was changed by the organizational dysfunctions occurring with the voting abroad’, Remus Stefureac, INSCOP director, mentions, according to a release remitted on Monday to Agerpres.

The ‘INSCOP Barometer – Truth about Romania’ was carried out by INSCOP Research at the request of Adevarul daily between November 27 – December 2, 2014.

91 pct of Romanians are proud with their nationality

Romanians are proud with their nationality and say they are confident in their future, a poll by the Romanian Institute for Assessment and Strategy (IRES) reads.

‘Should 45 pct of the Romanians are self-assessing themselves as rather happy, 36 pct say they are unhappy, while 18 pct say neither happy, nor unhappy. 91pct of the Romanians say they are proud with being Romanians, yet they believe Romanians are more of a bad luck category than of a lucky one,’ are the conclusions of the IRES poll, quoted by Agerpres.

According to the poll, 85 pct of the questioned say they have faith in the future, by 9 pct more than in September 2014, and if in September 2014, 24 pct said they had no hope in the country’s future, at end-November their number dropped to 19 pct.


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