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Petru Lificiu, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Galati: “This honorific consular relationship is an opportunity window”

In august 2012 I had the great honor to be nominated as Honorary Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Romania.

The Republic of Kazakhstan has developed immensely in the last decades and I believe this is because their President, His Excellency Nursultan Nazarbayev, has devoted all of his time and energy in creating the best strategy for his country – complex, well-designed, covering all essential aspects needed for an economy to flourish.

With the help of their long term plan “Kazakhstan 2050 strategy”, they want to make Kazakhstan one of the 30 most developed countries in the world, and I’m absolutely sure that he will achieve this goal in the near future.

By 2030 Kazakhstan will be a role model for all developing countries, it will become the “leopard” of Central Asia, the Kazakh snow leopard, gifted with western elegance multiplied by an advanced development level, with Eastern wisdom and tenacity.

I deeply admire President Nazarbayev, a strong and well prepared leader who can take control and guide the state’s economy on the right track, a leader who has firm opinions on global issues, a man whose vision is involved in all areas. He knows he has to make investments in all economic departments, that a country needs to develop its transport, energy, industrial and social infrastructure in order to grow.

As the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Romania I feel that I have not only the honor to occupy this position, but also the responsibility to help improve the bilateral relations, to bring investments from Kazakhstan to our country, because we have so much to offer and so many areas that can be developed. I have also tried to open the way for companies and business men from our country to reach the Kazakh market. Our Romanian furniture is extremely appreciated, constructions and installations are also important areas in which the two countries can collaborate.

Opening the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Galati, my home town, was a very proud moment for me. It was truly a joyous and exciting occasion, to see so many important people come together to celebrate this strengthening of economic and cultural relations. I was joined there by many supportive people, such as the Charge d’affaires of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Romania, the mayor of Galati, presidents of county councils, prefects and sub-prefects of counties, mayors of different villages, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I was able to organize in collaboration with the Embassy of Kazakhstan many events that brought together business men and companies from both countries.

I led a delegation of Romanian businessmen in Kazakhstan where we took part at the Astana Forum and at the World Anti-Crisis Conference and we had a meeting with Mr. Anuar Akhmmetzhanov, Deputy Governor of the Karaganda Region.

We took part at the Joint Commission for Economic and ScientificTechnical Cooperation and the Romania-Kazakhstan Economic Forum, with 25 Romanian companies and 35 companies from Kazakhstan.

We also organized the seminar “Kazakhstan- the best climate in Central Asia” and the Economic Mission in Astana and Almaty, in partnership with the Association of Employers in the Construction Field in Romania and with the Ministry of Economy.

There have been numerous economic and cultural actions and I’m very proud that I can say that I played a part in helping strengthening the relations between the two countries.

We have organized economic seminaries to inform Romanian businessmen about the many benefits and opportunities that the Kazakh market has to offer.

For example, Kazakhstan is the second place in the world in regards of reserves of uranium, chromium, plumb, zinc, third place in the world in manganese; 5th place in cooper, and in top 10 in the world at coal, iron, gold and 11th place in the world at proven reserves of oil and natural gases.

The Republic of Kazakhstan has created an economic environment that is extremely friendly and welcoming for foreign investors, with low taxes and subsidies from the Government.

Kazakhstan is the heart of Eurasia. All main routes pass through its territory. In the next few years it will become a major transport hub between Europe and Asia with a most comfortable environment for investors.

Another important project that the Honorary Consulate has collaborated on with the authorities in Kazakhstan was trying to facilitate the exchange of students and teachers from the two countries. The Karaganda State Medical University has signed a memorandum of understanding with several medical universities in Romania: “Victor Babes” in Timisoara, “Ovidius” in Constanta, “Lucian Blaga” in Sibiu, “Iuliu Hatieganu” in Cluj Napoca. the Univeristy in Oradea and in Targu Mures.  I would be extremely happy and proud to see our students study abroad in Kazakhstan, but also see Kazakh students come here, because we have good academic centers and well prepared professors.

I visited the Republic of Kazakhstan many times, and each time I was pleasantly surprised, every time I discovered something new and interesting that I brought back to Romania, I met quality people that love their country and believe in their future.

I’m very happy that I can say that I have a very good relationship with all of my friends from the Embassy of Kazakhstan. We collaborate very well, we have common goals – to open a way for further and better cooperation between our countries.

Kazahstan is mainly known in our country because of the acquisition of Rompetrol by KazMunayGaz, but the country has many more other things to offer, economic, political and cultural aspects. Astana is a very beautiful city that has grown and developed very much in the last years. Occasion

The Kazakhstan we know today is a state that was created from zero, that has known a development unlike any other modern country. I think it can be an example for many – if you have a good leader with a good long-term economic strategy, and people that love their country and work for its future, that amazing things can and will happen.

This honorific consular relationship is an opportunity window between Romania and Kazakhstan, and we should make the best of it and learn from their wisdom.





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