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July 1, 2022

PM Ponta, U.S .Charge d’Affaires discuss avoiding legal system crisis: Justice Minister to submit changes of the Criminal Code in the Gov’t meeting of Wednesday

Dean Thompson, the U.S .Charge d’Affaires to Romania  (see photo) visited the Government on Tuesday morning, to discuss with PM Victor Ponta and Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc in order to solve a problem appeared as a result of a decision reached by the Constitutional Court (CCR) last week.

On Thursday, December 4, CCR decided that the article in the Criminal Law that establishes placing a person under legal restrictions pending trial was unconstitutional, due to the fact that the law stipulates no legal term for this measure. Once the CCR decision would be published in the Official Monitor, it would lead to an automatic canceling of all legal restrictions ordered by Courts. Therefore, publishing in the Official Monitor (MO) is postponed to provide time to lawmakers to “fix” the Criminal Code.

U.S. representatives demanded the Ponta Government to find an urgent solution so that publishing the CCR decision in MO would not ruin all present inquiries. Therefore, according to sources quoted by B1 TV, the Government was advised to issue an Emergency Ordinance to correlate the Criminal Code with the Supreme Law, accordingly to the CCR decision.

PM Ponta declared on Tuesday that Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc would present a draft law in the Wednesday meeting of the Government, including changes in the articles declared unconstitutional by the CCR, regarding legal restrictions pending trial.

“I talked to the Justice Minister. He will come to the Government meeting tomorrow with a change of the Criminal Code, a change the Parliament has plenty of time to approve during the present season”, Ponta declared at Victoria Palace, according to Agerpres.

PM Ponta explained there is no need for an emergency ordinance as “there is a political agreement of all groups within the Parliament”.


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