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October 28, 2021

Ponta presents new Government on Monday, UDMR backs it

The new structure of Government will be presented on Sunday evening at the meeting of the PSD National Executive Committee (CExN) and of the parliamentary groups of the party. ‘Following discussions in the CExN and in the parliamentary groups I can make the final restructuring proposal to Parliament on Monday. In the meantime, UNPR, PC and PLR fulfil their own procedures and on Monday I will ask Parliament for the vote on the new structure of the Government’, Prime Minister Victor Ponta mentioned.


‘I will talk to President Iohannis after he takes over his mandate’


The prime minister admitted to not having talked to President-elect Klaus Iohannis about his intention of presenting a new, restructured Government to the Parliament, asking for a vote of confidence, noting that he would do that after Iohannis takes over his mandate. ‘I will definitely talk to President Klaus Iohannis whenever it is necessary, after he takes over his mandate’.


Tăriceanu: We have in mind Finance, Transport, Economy’


Present during an Antena 3 TV programme, Calin Popescu Tariceanu launched rumours about the possible ministerial portfolios his party, PLR, targeted on the occasion of the Cabinet reshuffle: the Ministries of Finance, Transport, Economy, but also Culture and Education. ‘We are having talks on that, the negotiation is not over. We have in mind the Finance, Transport, Economy, but there are also other ministries where a liberal presence would be useful, such as Education or Culture’, Calin Popescu Tariceanu said. ‘We’ll know more on this Tuesday or Wednesday, although the natural thing to do would be for us to wait for the UDMR decision on 13 December’, Tariceanu added. Premier Victor Ponta said last week that UNPR, PC and PLR would have two ministers each, but admitted to not having talked to PLR leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu about what exactly would go to his party. Political sources say that the rest of the portfolios in the new government structure will be taken by PSD in a merged formula.


Kelemen Hunor: ‘We have no reason not to vote for Ponta 4 Government’


UDMR President Kelemen Hunor said after talks with PM Victor Ponta on Monday that the Hungarian political group would stand by its intention to quit the government, but that they would vote for the new Cabinet the prime minister is building these days. He said he hoped the ruling programme would not change and said that the official decision would be announced in the coming days. ‘This Government must carry on, we don’t know with what ministers. We have no reason not to vote for the Ponta 4 Government or whatever its name may be. I personally want them to carry on, without us’, Kelemen Hunor said. The Hungarian leader said UDMR would cooperate with all political forces on important projects for the citizens, economy, jobs or rule of law and would vote for all initiatives it would deem beneficial for the citizens of Romania, especially the Hungarian minority. Regarding the no-confidence vote PNL intends to introduce in February next year, Kelemen Hunor said he didn’t know if UDMR would support that or not: ‘We’ll see with what thought it comes’. ‘I have heard the Liberal opposition say that they don’t want to rule before 2016, therefore, without us and without PNL, the country needs to be ruled in the meantime’, he said.


Cătălin Predoiu wants to unseat the ‘corrupt neo-communist Ponta-PSD’ Government


PNL First Vice-President Catalin Predoiu thinks that, in order for anti-corruption policies to continue, ‘the corrupt, neo-communist Ponta-PSD Government must be unseated’. ‘The continuation of anti-corruption policies, laws and institutions in Romania will only be possible on a long term is the corrupt, neo-communist Ponta-PSD Government is replaced with a government embracing the new policy enshrined by the vote of 16 November’, Catalin Predoiu writes in a message posted on Facebook on the International Day against Corruption.



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