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February 4, 2023

Two new parties of Sebastian Ghita and Monica Macovei to be completely different

After the presidential election, both the former presidential candidate Monica Macovei and Sebastian Ghita, who has recently resigned PSD, have announced independent political projects that could be concretised into two new political parties in Romania. According to ‘Adevarul’ daily, they will be completely different, and not just from an ideological point of view.


Sebastian Ghiţă: ‘We will start collecting signatures in January’


Ghiţă intends to have a left-wing party next year, to be mainly made up of young people. ‘In January we will start collecting signatures for a new political party. I was surprised to see that over 10 younger MPs sent me messages’, Sebastian Ghita said on Romania TV, adding that ‘it is the time of the independent’.


Monica Macovei: ‘It is the time of the independent’


Monica Macovei is not making a party right away, but seems to be taking Traian Basescu’s example and first sets up a foundation. ‘The association will be founded shortly, within a month. We will soon start working on the party’, Monica Macovei said on ‘Adevarul Live’. ‘I have proposed that a party should be set up by a minimum of three members. In Romania there is the requirement of 250,000 founding members from 18 counties plus Bucharest. In Malta, Cyprus and Ireland a party can be founded even with one member. In Spain, the minim requirement is two members and in other countries three members. Even in Russia they decreased it to 600 members. Romania is the only country with 250,000. In the US one can set up a party in 24 hours’, Monica Macovei said. Her intention is that the new party should be ready for the local elections in the Spring of 2016. ‘In Europe, people want new parties. People have had enough of these old parties. We want to start with the local elections and continue with the parliamentary election. It is the time of the independent’, Monica Macovei also said on ‘Adevarul Live’. As for Sebastian Ghita, Macovei said he would not bring anything new on the political market. ‘Ghita has realised that this thing with the youth and with Facebook was very successful. Mr. Ghita should repay a lot of money to the State. It will be a party like himself, and he is not an upright person. Started like that, a party is doomed to fail’, Macovei also noted.


Macovei’s party rated with more ‘appeal’ to the public


Political analysts contacted by ‘Adevarul’ highlight the differences between Monica Macovei and Sebastian Ghita’s political projects. ‘Monica Macovei’s party will very likely happen and find a niche to the extent to which the Iohannis choice and the greater PNL prove not to be enough for a part of the Right. Sebastian Ghita’s party will only take off to the extent to which is manages to cut away chucks of PSD. If there is no clear fracture, possibly generational, in PSD, it will be difficult for him to start something major from scratch. There is room for several left-wing parties on the market, but, since PSD is no longer that ideological, and since the new party of Sebastian Ghita’s I cannot imagine too devoted to the cause of the poor, an ideological niche is hard to envisage’, political analyst Radu Magdon says. The sociologist Mircea Kivu is of the opinion that Macovei’s purpose in the election was to secure her supporters in the campaign for her political project. ‘That was the purpose of her running in election, she knew she would not make it into the runoff. As far as Sebastian Ghita is concerned, his is the kind of party that needs not many supports as it can be easily founded with a lot of money. A relevant example is UNPR’. Adi Zăbavă, political analyst and blogger at adevarul.ro believes Monica Macovei’s party will be more appealing to the electorate than Sebastian Ghita’s. ‘There are two completely different situations. Monica Macovei will top the bill in her project. In the other case, Sebastian Ghita will not be one of the lead figures in his party. The purpose of Ghita’s party is the battle inside PSD, to show the opposing sides of PSD that there is another opportunity if they do not to keep Ponta and Ghita to power. Monica Macovei’s party has a chance, but it very much depends on how it will be built. A party born out of the effervescence of the online environment would have better odds’, Adevarul quotes Adi Zabava as saying.




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