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May 25, 2022

Aurescu on the missile shield in Deveselu: It is a guarantee that Romania will not return to another sphere of influence

Through the authorized voice of its Minister of Foreign Afairs, Bogdan Aurescu, Romania has tried to scatter again a few days ago, Moscow’s concerns on NATO missile shield system installed in Deveselu, claimed by Russia as a deterrent and as an action aimed against its own ballistic missile arsenal.

“You cannot say that 24 interceptors that will be placed in Romania, together with another 24 interceptors that will be, probably, placed in Poland in 2018, can affect Russia’s capacity to strike with hundreds of intercontinental missiles of particular capacity, with all sorts of measures for protection and diversion of eventual interceptors”, explained Aurescu at Digi 24.

“The missile shield in Deveselu is a concern for Moscow, as it is a guarantee that Romania will not return to another sphere of  influence, “Bogdan Aurescu told Digi24.

He claimed that the only argument for which Russia does not agree with the U.S. missile defense facility in Deveselu is “a political one”.

“The arguments are very clear, both from a technical point of view, as well as a legal point of view. One argument remains, the political one. Why is this system a concern for Moscow? Because it represents in Romania, through the base in Deveselu, a permanent American presence on Romanian soil, therefore a security guarantee that Romania has, and means that Romania will not return to another sphere of influence”, said Bogdan Aurescu.

The Minister added that in its relation with Russia, Romania cannot except its qualities as a member state of NATO and the EU.

“Unfortunately, at this time, as much we would like to have a better relation with the Russian Federation, we cannot except the relations with these key organizations that ensure for us – NATO – security, and the European Union – access to a system of values of a specific type of economic standard, we cannot except these realities. Romania will continue to act together with its partners in NATO and the member states of the European Union in a cohesive manner”, said Aurescu.



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