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January 27, 2023

Mihai Razvan Ungureanu: Taking over government is not a priority for the Liberals right now

Although the future Liberal PM Catalin Predoiu  has a complete shadow cabinet and is already working with expert groups on the ruling programme, PNL First Vice-President Mihai Razvan Ungureanu says taking over the government is not a priority for the Liberals right now and that the important thing is for the party to have candidates ready for the next parliamentary elections.

The ex-PM believes that ‘the first thing PNL must do at this point is to start thinking seriously about two things: the internal consolidation of the merger and building with wisdom, tact, but also with foresight the crucial structures of a big party, able to withstand the left-wing half of the Romanian political stage. It cannot be done overnight. It is not a simple process’, Ungureanu said on B1TV, adding that ‘there is no rush for PNL to take over the government’.

‘Secondly, the party has to focus on the human resource, foresight, the criteria of a future country project, preparing for taking over the government when appropriate, because there is no rush to take over the government right now, preparing the sets of people able to run in the local election and the sets of future candidates for the Romanian Parliament’, the Liberal leader added.


Post-victory polls are like ‘gods’ nectar’: they make you feel well but they can also take away reason

‘Post-victory opinion polls are like gods’ nectar: they make you feel well, but they can also take away reason. Klaus Iohannis’ trust rate is so high because of the vote on 16 November. The greater PNL is also preferred by the electorate. PNL needs continuous focus on its own human resources in view of taking over the government eventually. If party personalities are below the 30% PNL should theoretically have – I mean the results in the first round – you have to ask yourself if you are really making the most of the trust engines and if you can, based on your human resource, continue to generate trust’, Ungureanu said on B1TV.




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