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October 4, 2022

MPs want special pensions, Gov’t does not support bill

The controversial draft law giving MPs their special pensions back has caused a new wave of dissatisfaction. The debate on the bill has been suspended, but could be resumed after the Parliament recess, in February.


2,000 – 4,000 lei extra


PSD MP Anghel Stanciu is one of the initiators of the new legislative proposal introducing measures in the area of retirement benefits to people from the specialised auxiliary apparatus of courts of justice and prosecutor’s office, diplomacy and consulates, parliamentary civil service, members of Parliament, professional civil aeronautic personnel and from the Court of Auditors.

The bill states that the parliamentarians with a single term will receive, apart from the regular retirement benefit, an additional 2,000 lei. Those who have served two terms in Parliament will receive an extra 3,000 lei and those with three terms – 4,000 lei. Under the law, the entitlements are due as of 1 September 2010.


Government against awarding privileges to specific categories


Labour Minister Rovana Plumb (photo)  has said the Government does not support the initiative to reintroduce special pensions for MPs. ‘The position of the ministry, of the Government, is not to support the introduction of special retirement benefits for the members of Parliament. We believe it is absolutely necessary to have a blanket pension system, a system that should not award privileges to specific categories’, Plumb said.

Neither does PNL agree to the proposed legislation. Labour Committee Deputy Chairperson Cristina Pocora (PNL) opposes the bill: ‘I will vote against special MPs pensions. I disapprove of how things have been mixed up in this law. As long as we remove the special pensions for MPs, we can discuss what to do about the rest of categories. We can discuss raising pensions for other categories except senators and deputies, but without giving it a special character’, Pocora said.


PSD recants bill


PSD has also announced that it would not support A. Stanciu’s bill on special MPs pensions. ‘PSD does not support Mr. Anghel Stanciu’s draft law on special pensions for MPs. We do not want any kind of privilege or advantage for senators and deputies. We believe that the retirement benefit of an MP should be calculated based on contribution, as it happens with the rest of the citizens’, PSD spokeswoman Gabriela Firea said.


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