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August 14, 2022

PSD’s Dragnea signals County Council chair amasses too much power in hands of one person, asks separation of these powers

The Social Democrat Party’s (PSD) Executive President Liviu Dragnea said on Friday the position of County Council chair amasses too much political and administrative power and he proposed that the political position be separated from the administrative one, reports Agerpres.

“There is the perception, either real or not, that there is too much power amassed in only one position, namely the position of a County Council chair, both political and administrative. In my opinion, which has an ever increasing number of supporters, these two positions must be separated. The second proposal that I made relates the transfer of the executive powers and the powers generated by the quality of a main credit-release authority from the County Council chairmen to the public administrators. The County Council chairmen’s main task should be to coordinate the County Council meetings, to chair them and approve the county’s development policies in the Council meetings and they (the policies) should be implemented by the public administrator, who should take the position by contest. There isn’t even need to modify the laws, since the quality of a public administrator exists in the legislation’, Dragnea said at the Palace of Parliament after a meeting of the governing coalition.


A Prime Minister who is the party leader renders more weight and stability to the Gov’t
When asked if the prime minister, by also being the party leader does not amass too much power in the hands of only one person, the Social Democrat senior leader answered: ‘No. I will discuss with my fellows in the County Council with respect to this matter. /…/ In my opinion, a prime minister who is also the party chief renders more weight and stability to the Government. We had situations when there were prime ministers who were not chiefs of parties and they had governments that lacked both performance and stability’.


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