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February 7, 2023

Vanghelie keeps canons targeting Ponta and Dragnea

The former Vice-President of the Social-Democratic Party (PSD), Marian Vanghelie, believes the party he was a member of until two weeks ago did not lose the election because it was made up of communists or because it did not fight enough, but for two other reasons: ‘The candidate was weak and immature and the campaign director did not exist and has a medieval thinking’. Moreover, he said Victor Ponta would have been ‘a threat to Romania’ as president.

‘Nowhere in this world you don’t start sacking people after you were defeated in election. You should start the ‘restructuring’ with yourselves, because you were poorly prepared. If he had won, he would have been a threat to Romania, this is what this boy would have been’, Vanghelie said. He also stressed that the PSD president ‘was lucky to have had a very big wave which was USL’.

‘By no means has he ever won any campaigns, he cannot win a campaign’, the former PSD vice-president also said, stressing that Ponta ‘has no more chances to be anything’ after he is no longer at the helm of the party.

‘He was playing poker during the meetings of the Standing Bureau, and those were serious meetings, not like now. I have a chance to remain vice-president, he has no more chance to be anything (…) I have seen him many times and I saw what kind of a person he is and that he has no character. He lost because people realised he cannot represent Romania. (…) I wouldn’t have appointed Victor Ponta even as a secretary of state’, said the former vice-president of PSD, freshly banished from the party at the latest National Executive Committee (CExN) meeting.

The mayor thinks the political community in Romania is characterised by ‘a major shortage of leaders’, and adds that ‘there are no more real men who can stand up and say to Ponta <Don’t you see that the direction in which we are headed is wrong? This is no way to go, Mr. Ponta!>’

Marian Vanghelie also noted that he had given his vote to Victor Ponta, but he did not do it for him, but for the party. ‘How could I vote for Iohannis when I am on PSD’s side?! I thought maybe, if he went to Cotroceni, he would grow up’.


Basescu will be one of the most important leaders in Romania


On the other hand, Vanghelie trusts that, in a  year or two, Traian Basescu will be one of the most important leaders in Romania. ‘He can be compared with Ion Iliescu, they are both leaders of the masses. Even if people curse him, he gets down into the crowd and talks to them. No one can say that everything Traian Basescu does is wrong. I have also said this to Mircea Geoana. This is where we were all wrong. (..) A valuable person has to be respected and appreciated, even if you are not on the same team’, Vanghelie said during a GandulLive programme.

Asked whom he would have chosen as president in a hypothetical Victor Ponta – Traian Basescu confrontation, the ex-PSD vice-president answered: ‘I would have chosen Mircea Geoana’.

As for Klaus Iohannis, the mayor of Bucharest District 5 said he ‘inspires reliability and trust. A man who doesn’t say much but wants to do things. I told them in the party: <You, people, this man has won four elections (as mayor of Sibiu – a/n). You don’t get a second term if you are stupid or if you have not achieved anything. What to say about a third term>. I think he will know what he needs to do’, Vanghelie further said.


Dragnea is coward, has no higher education


Marian Vanghelie also accused PSD Executive President and V. Ponta’s campaign chief Liviu Dragnea of being a coward, also suggesting he has not completed higher education.

‘I have said this in the party and now I’m saying it publicly – why Liviu Dragnea had to go from the Interior Ministry…. I might be a mobster as far as Liviu Dragnea is concerned, but Mr. Dragnea is a liar and a coward who left MAI after some information on him had been slipped through under the door. There were two types of information, some with all the conversations he had had with all the people close to him there. And I also understand he graduated a university which he has not’, Vanghelie said.



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