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February 7, 2023

MEP Cristian Preda expelled from PMP, he says it is non-statutory

The National College (CN) of the PMP, the widest deciding body of the party  between Congresses, validated on Saturday, by a unanimous vote, the National Executive Council’s  (CEN) proposal to exclude Cristian Preda from the party. The decision comes under the application of the party’s statute which provides that party members “are forbidden to act in any way which would prejudice the achievement of the PMP’s programe or assumed objectives. Members must not commit acts that cause damage to the party, including  damages to the image”. By his  statements made against the People’s Movement Party and its leadership, by supporting another candidate in the presidential election than the party’s proposal, by his absence to the  party’s fora meetings and his public positions which contravene the statutory bodies decisions, Mr. Cristian Preda has seriously damaged the image PMP. Using PMP in a “conservation strategy of his MEP mandate” as he said himslef, is one of the actions that prove lack of moral integrity of Mr. Preda. In fact, his only goal was getting the MEP job, a position which ensures tens of thousands of euros per month in Brussels. Under these conditions, since he was elected on the People’s Movement Party’s  list to get into European Parliament, we ask him that, if hw has little honor to quit the MEP post, “says a PMP’s statement released on Saturday.


Cristian Preda: A non-statutory exclusion


In a message posted on Facebook on Saturday, MEP Cristian Preda commented the decision taken by the People’s Movement Party (PMP). “My exclusion of form the People’s Movement Part (PMP) is non-statutory. I was not informed that such an issue will be on the agenda of the bodies that have discussed it – the National Executive Council of 17 November and the National College of today, Saturday December 13. Therefore, my right to defend myself has been violated. It’s unimaginable that an EPP party member to do so. From what I understand, everything was improvised, following the party’s national leader caprices. But why now? It’s probably about a reaction to my statement yesterday, to announcing my interest for the  PMP’s leadership race. I want to thank colleagues who did not vote the abuse of Elena Udrea. I’ll try to see if I can appeal the decision, because I hardly fear that PMP does not function normally, “reads the message posted by Cristian Preda on his Facebook account.




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