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July 2, 2022

Ponta’s Gov’t reshuffles on Facebook, list of the new ministers of Ponta 4 Cabinet to be submitted to Parliament on Monday

The Social Democrats will gather on Sunday in the meeting of the Executive Committee with the validation of the new ministers from the Ponta Cabinet # 4 as the main topic on the agenda. The list of the new ministers would be submitted to the Parliament on Monday, the calendar of hearings in the specialized commissions and the date for the confidence vote being expected to be announced by the Standing Bureaus of the two Chambers.

Beyond the changes he has made in the list of ministries and ministers of “Ponta 4 Cabinet” in comparison of “Ponta 3 Cabinet”, the Head of the Government found himself on Saturday evening in the position to take note of a few resignations of ministers from “Ponta 3 Cabinet”, but not following the official channels. The resignations were submitted not at Victoria Palace, but on Facebook.

As the “Ponta 4 Government”  will not have positions of minister-delegate any more in its organizational scheme, the first minister delegate who announced that he will not be part of the new Cabinet anymore was Razvan Nicolescu, who quits from the top position of the Department for Energy, as Ponta wants in its Cabinet # 4 the reunification of this Department with the Ministry of Economy, that will be led by a political minister.

“I discussed today with PM Ponta about what is to follow. He communicated me that he wants a new concept: the unification again of the Department of Energy to the Ministry of Economy with the appointment of a political minister. I thanked him for the chance given to me to do something for Romania in these ten months. I told him I’m not interested in any other public function in Romania, and asked him to continue the started reforms in energy. One thing is certain: I will continue as the Chairman of the Board of the European Agency for Energy Regulations (ACER), a mandate I have received from the European Union Council valid till 2016. This position has no connection with the administrative system from Romania,” Razvan Nicolescu wrote on his Facebook account, promising also a balance sheet of his activity as minister in the next days.

The minister-delegate for Small and Medium Enterprises, Florin Jianu announced also on Facebook on Saturday that the IMM portfolio will merge with the Economy one, and that because of this reason he will not be a member of the new Gov’t as he is not a politician, but a technocrat.

“The future Gov’t will consist of only politicians. I am not a politician, I am a technocrat who has been very honored to serve the country. The IMM’s portfolio will merge with Economy and will be led politically. I have not been interested in any position, I am not interested in any position, I will not do it from now on. I leave behind a mandate with major achievements for IMMs (The Strategy 2020, the IMMs Law, the Business Angels Law, etc) but also for tourism (The Holiday vouchers, the 9% VAT for the whole sector), but also a double budget for the national programs. I will stay loyal to the field in which I developed my competences, the honest representation of the national, European, youth business environment, and not only,” wrote Jianu on his Facebook account, also promising a press conference to announce his balance sheet as minister.

After Razvan Nicolescu and Florin Jianu, Aurelia Cristea, the minister –delegate for the Social Dialogue is the third minister who has quitted the Gov’t on Saturday through an announcement made on Facebook.

“This evening, following a discussion with the Prime Minister Victor Ponta I ended a governmental project to continue a community one, of soul, home in Cluj Napoca.

I am very glad that I succeeded in these ten months as minister-delegate for social dialogue to improve the communication and the dialogue between the social partners and the authorities, to bring my contribution to launch projects financed through European funds to encourage the participative democracy, to support a constructive dialogue with social partners and to contribute to the promotion of a culture of the non-conflict dialogue,” wrote Aurelia Cristea, from whom a balance sheet is also expected in the next days.

The fourth minister-delegate who confirmed on Saturday evening that his name is on the reshuffled list was Bogdan Stanoevici, holder of portfolio for Romanians abroad. “ I had talks with the Prime Minister, who will replace me will continue what I’ve started. I am going to support him. The Prime Minister had nothing to reproach me , on the contrary. I am extremely proud that I was part of the Gov’t,” Bogdan Stanoevici told Antena3TV.


Ponta: It was a difficult day, but also extremely sad for me, as a leader and as a man


“It was difficult day, but also extremely sad for me, as a leader and as a man-I talked to all colleagues and equally friends-ministers who will not be found in the restructured formula of the Government. I am very grateful to all of them that they were part of the governmental team in a very complicate year—I appreciate their qualities, work and devotion and I hope they will accept that it is only about a political rethinking. I am very aware of what they feel today (I quit in 2004 and 2009 a minister position with the feeling that I still had so much to do, and I hope they will accept my decision,” wrote PM Victor Ponta on his Facebook page on Saturday evening. For being more convincing, he attached a picture (photo)  to his post with Henry Kissinger quotation: “A leader does not deserve the name unless he is willing occasionally to stand alone”.

Ponta also announced on his Facebook page that also on Saturday he discussed with those proposed for the new Gov’t formula, who will have along with him the responsibility of fulfilling an Agenda of reforms and actions in 2015-2016, even more radical and difficult than in the previous years.





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