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February 3, 2023

PSD is like a boiling pot under pressure: Ivan – Dragnea and Women’s Organization in open-conflict

The atmosphere in the Social Democratic Party (PSD)  is increasingly hot and boils at maximum pressure. One of the representatives of the younger generation who recently announced his intention that he would be interested to run for the party’s leadership at the Congress in March, MEP Catalin Ivan (photo) ,  managed to irritate with his last statements the Women’s Organization of the party, but also the party leadership.

PSD’s  First Vice-President Liviu Dragnea Dragnea criticized MEP Catalin Ivan on Saturday whose harsh sanction is required by the PSD Women’s Organisation. Catalin Ivan may even risk expulsion from the party for allegedly attacks of two colleagues from PSD: Gabriela Firea and Viorica Dăncilă.


Dragnea: Ivan is a naughty kid


“Catalin Ivan is a naughty kid, with the back key twisted by Vanghelie, who unfortunately failed to understand what began in the PSD. The PSD started a profound reform bill that will make this party the most modern party in Romania “said Dragnea. “No one will accept anymore that whoever wakes up on television to  attack someone in the party. The fact that he has allowed himself to attack our colleagues is unacceptable,” said Dragnea, according to Antena 3.

In turn, Mrs. Rovana Plumb, the President of the Social Democratic Women’s Organization, said Saturday in a press conference that in the Sunday’s National Executive Committee (CExN) of the PSD she will require tough sanction against the MEP Catalin Ivan in the name of the Organization she represents.  Catalin Ivan said he does not understand where Rovana Plumb’s anger comers from, because he has not attacked neither Gabriela Firea, nor Viorica Dancila. However, he admitted he made a number of statements on Friday in a TV show, that have been suddenly clarified by both Mrs.  Gabriela Firea and Mrs. Viorica Dancila, in the same show. “I do not understand where such anger comes from. I did nothing against and outside the party,” Catalin Ivan told Realitatea TV.


Ivan: It is a hectic situation in the party after losing election, I will not resign


“It’s a hectic situation  after losing an election. Until a serious analysis will not be made, there will be further such a situations. I do not know how much I am a kid, because, after the European Parliament elections, I negotiated all functions in the European Parliament for the party and got everything of the possible options. Not to say that in the opposition period, when it was very hard for PSD, I was able to manage things very well in Brussels, “said Catalin Ivan, in a telephone intervention to Antena 3, commenting Dragnea’s statements, who called him a “naughty child”. “I don’t comment Mr. Dragnea’s statements, but I think within the party we should not be evaluated by the degree of sympathy for some people, but according to what each of us contributes to the party,” added Catalin Ivan. Asked if he takes into account the resignation from PSD, he said, “How to quit the party? Absolutely not. Tensions there will always be in a democratic party. It is normal to have tensions. It would be strange not to have different opinions within a party “.

Noteworthy  is that  MEP Catalin Ivan was informed, live on Antena 3 on Friday, that he was dismissed from the position of leader of the PSD Group in the European Parliament and therefore, no more a member of the PSD National Standing Bureau.





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