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UDMR quits the Gov’t, Hunor says party should keep two non-political positions in the Cabinet

The Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) has unanimously decided on Saturday to quit the Government following the Union Representatives Council (CRU) recommendation to exit from Ponta 3 Gov’t.The proposal to quit the Gov’t was made on November 27 by the Permanent Council of the party gathered in Cluj Napoca.The CRU’s vote ended more than three hours of debates focused on exiting from the Gov’t.

“We took the decision to quit the Government, following the CRU’s overwhelmingly voted recommendation. From this moment on, we consider that this decision is final and that the Prime Minister must come with a new Cabinet in front of the Parliament. I want to emphasize that this decision is about us, UDMR, about our community, and not about PSD, PNL, Ponta or Iohannis (…). We considered that we must focus on our electorate’s message. A politician can make lots of mistakes. I showed today that are two mistakes that can be fundamental: not to take into account people’s opinion, the communities’ message, what people believe you should do, to have the impression that you know everything, and the second mistake is that every time when you take a decision to not have the capacity to decide what is important, wanting to please everyone,” explained UDMR’s national leader Kelemen Hunor.

However, he pointed out that tow UDMR’s members should stay in the Gov’t, but in non-political positions, that have been held by his party even before his entering in the Gov’t.

“All what is related to the politics will leave. This means that, next  week. After the new ministers will swear in, our ministers will leave, Also the state secretaries will be changed. Before entering in the Gov’t in March, we had two traditional positions in the Executive scheme that were not related to the fact that we are in the ruling coalition or in opposition: namely the Department for Inter-ethnic relations and a state secretary or director position in the Ministry of Education.From our point of view it would be normal to keep them there, to lead these departments, because they are two important entities for all national minorities,” Hunor mentioned.

Asked if UDMR will re-evaluate Ponta’s Government backing, Kelemen Hunor stated that this issue will be discussed next week in the reunited parliamentary groups. In addition, he pointed out that UDMR will have a dialogue with all political parties.

Among the few opponents of existing Government was the Prime Minister’s adviser for minorities, Gyorgy Frunda, who appreciated that quitting Gov’t would be a wrong decision, arguing that from inside the Gov’t much more things from the Hungarian community could be done than from outside.

Also on Saturday, the CRU decided that the 12th Congress of the party be held in Cluj Napoca between 17-18 April 2014.


UDMR cannot stay at rule knowing that in two years risks to make it to Parliament


Chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Kelemen Hunor said on Saturday, at the meeting of the formation’s Council of Union Representatives (CRU) in Targu Mures, that with confidence in the current government thinning out, UDMR cannot stay at rule without support and knowing that in two years it risks failing to make it to Parliament. “Today (on Saturday – Ed. note) we are to decide whether to pull out of governing or not. We are quitting rule following certain conclusions, and an internal analysis we conducted. (…) At the beginning of the year we decided to partner with the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in the ruling coalition. For UDMR, ruling cannot be a goal, but a means, and we cannot decide on political principles. The majority of our voter base practically backed our participation in governing. (…) Today I think that was the right decision to take. But after almost 9 months in power, the Standing Council proposed that UDMR should pull out from governing. (…) The number of people who still trust this government decreased drastically, one cannot govern without support. We cannot stay at rule knowing that in two years we risk not making it to Parliament any more. The government has a majority even without us. Our main obligation is to keep that value of ours of 25 years, not lose it,” Kelemen Hunor, said quoted by Agerpres, according to the official translation.

The UDMR leader stressed that 2014 was the year of political firsts, because of certain events such as the break-up of the Social Liberal Union (USL) which was holding 70 pct in Parliament; UDMR’s teaming up with PSD in the ruling coalition; two Hungarian ethnics running for President of Romania; ethnic German Klaus Iohannis becoming President; but also the decision of UDMR’s Standing Council to recommend the Union’s quitting government.

As for UDMR’s position in the presidential election, Kelemen Hunor said that the decision to back a particular candidate in the runoff was based on opinion polls, but the vote of Hungarian ethnics in the second election round was actually a vote of protest.

We thought it would be best to make this decision considering the opinion polls. Data shows a higher participation of Hungarian ethnics in the second round, although no Romanian candidate had a message particularly addressed to them. (…) The vote of Hungarian ethnics in the second round was a protest vote. A mass of voters was set moving that no own ethnic candidate has been able to move, they no longer trust us, we are no longer credible to them. We should understand this and be the ones who to change, said Kelemen Hunor.





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