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May 24, 2022

Discrimination of Romanians, Poles and Bulgarians on the European labour market accused by Juncker: Ministry of Labour hails the EC President reaction

Codrin Scutaru, Secretary of State with the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and the Elderly, welcomed on Saturday the reaction of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (photo R) who told a TV debate in Austria that there has to be an end to discrimination against Poles, Romanians and Bulgarians. “I am utterly against behaving as if all Poles, all Romanians, all Bulgarians in the European labour market are of a basic mentality that is criminal. These are people who are working and earning their wages, ” Juncker said.  “Especially in Great Britain which always fought for the enlargement of the European Union, there has to be an end to discrimination against countries just because it goes down well topically when you beat up others. Self-flagellation is sometimes appropriate”, also the EC President said, quoted by the British paper The Telegraph.

“The Romanians who work in the UK but also in other European countries need to know that the authorities respect them and that they stand under the protection of the European legislation. We know that living far from their family and children makes it even more difficult for them, so that the last thing we are willing to accept is to be humiliated and harassed by backward measures and mentalities. As for the Romanians who break the British law or attempt to collect undue social benefits, us, the Government of Romania too have zero tolerance for them,” Codrin Scutaru said in a release sent on Saturday to AGERPRES.

The Secretary of State adds that irrespective of the country where they reside, the Romanians “must know that the Romanian Government will never allow any abuse of their rights and of the European legislation in force”.

“The plans of British Prime Minister David Cameron to limit immigration, if the necessary political will exists indeed in the UK, must be implemented without the negative labeling of Eastern European citizens who come in good faith to exercise their right to free movement of labor in their capacity as European citizens,” Scutaru argued. He also voiced his belief that “Romanian nationals of Roma ethnicity who come in good faith to work in a European state are European citizens enjoying the same rights as any European citizen,” stressing that there is no such thing like first-rate and second-rate European citizens. “The new Europe we set off with in 2014 cannot allow such attitudes,” he emphasized.

British Premier David Cameron, who came under pressure by the public opinion and Europhobes, recently announced ambitious plans to make European migrants wait four years before receiving welfare or council houses and deport foreign jobseekers if they do not find work within six months. This measure mainly targets the poorly skilled workers coming especially from Eastern Europe.

“This fundamental right of free movement of workers cannot be questioned existentially because if you question the free movement of workers, Great Britain has to know that one day the free movement of capital will also be called into question,” Jean Claude Juncker also told in the same TV debate in Austria, informed The Telegraph.



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