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Andre Rieu schedules fourth show in Bucharest on June 11, 2015, after initial three were sold out in 15 hours

Musician Andre Rieu has announced his fourth show in Bucharest, on June 11, 2015, starting at 8.30 pm, after 33,000 tickets for the shows previously announced by the Dutch violinist for June 12, 13 and 14 were sold out in fifteen hours since they were issued, Mediafax reports.

Considering the unprecedented ticket sales for the first three concerts already announced, Andre Rieu has scheduled the fourth show, on June 11, 2015, in Bucharest Constitution Square.

“My beloved friends all over Romania, we are greeting you from the UK, where we are now on tour. We heard wonderful news. I am so happy and excited to visit your marvelous country, not for one show, but for more of them. Nothing but your enthusiasm and joy made it possible. We received numerous requests and we are doing our best to honour them and reward your trust. See you soon. Love, Andre”, the violinist announced to his Romanian fans.

“When we go to perform to Vienna, I ask the audience “Where are you from?” And half of them says: “From Romania”. When I go to Budapest, I ask them: “Where are you from?”, and half of the audience says: “From Romania!” Last weekend, I performed in Istanbul. “Where are you from?” “From Romania”. “So, I said that it was time for us to come to Romania”, Andre Rieu declared at the press conference held last week at the Romanian Athenaeum, where he announced his first show in Romania.

“I am looking forward excitedly to perform for the Romanian audience. I am traveling all over the world with my orchestra. I love to meet people and to look in their eyes. This is what I love to do on stage”, Andre Rieu declared on his interaction with the audience.

Moreover, he mentioned that the energy born on stage is important and that each of his shows ends resembling a great party.

“I travel all over the world with my orchestra, to show how much fun we have during the concerts. And, when we feel good on stage, this spark of fun spreads all over the audience and the end of the show always resembles a big party, wherever we are performing. So, I hope that, when we will be singing in the Constitution Square here in Bucharest, there will be a big party as always. And I am pretty sure about it, because my experience with Romanian fans at my concerts in recent years was fantastic. I can hardly wait to come here and sing for you, wonderful people. I heard that Romanians were really sentimental, genuine Latins. So am I”, Andre Rieu declared at the press conference, adding that he would open his heart in front of the audience and that he hoped that Romanians would do the same, so that the evening would be filled with love.

Asked whether the setlist of the Bucharest concert will include Romanian songs, Andre Rieu gave an affirmative answer. As for the complete list of the songs to be performed or the possible filming of a video release of the Bucharest show, the violinist said that he reached no decision regarding these topics yet.

“I am an impulsive person and, most frequently, I decide a week before the concert to make a film, and my technical staff hates it. It is the best moment to reach a decision. It depends on the music we will be performing – I do not know what it will be yet – and on the Romanian guests – I do not know them yet”, the artist confessed.

A message was requested from the famous violinist to his fans all over the world- Andre Rieu told them that the most important thing in life is to love each other.

“It is really touching when I am on stage and perform, then the break comes, as the concert lasts approximately three hours, and I see people in the audience sitting close to one another and then getting closer and kissing. Music makes people fall in love with each other again. It is truly touching to see this”, the artist confessed.

Rieu also pointed out that, when he sings in front of such a numerous audience, he is really nervous, because he wishes to interact with the audience and to achieve this thing in any performance.

“This makes me nervous. I am familiar with my own work but I am not familiar with the audience. Yet, it turns out fine in most occasions”, the famous violinist declared.



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