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September 28, 2021

Elena Udrea: PMP supports the idea of a national union government

The President of the People’s Movement Party (PMP), Elena Udrea declared on Saturday, at Tusnad Resort, after the meeting of the National Council of the party that the group she represents is looking forward to a national union government as well.

“The People’s Movement Party thinks that the present government lacks legitimacy. Therefore, we support a censure motion against the Ponta Government. We think that the Ponta Government must go. The solution for the Government, at this moment should be the overtaking of power, based on the results of the elections held on November 16, although votes were not pro Iohannis and pro PNL, but against Ponta and against PSD. Yet, PNL should assume the government. This Government would not be a legitimate one, either, as it was not a vote based on parties, but it could be done considering that the President could assume responsibility starting on December 22. The solution PMP looks forward to at this time is a National Union Government”, Elena Udrea declared according to Agerpres.

She also added that PMP would support a national union government, were it to assume the projects and the objectives of the group she leads. She mentioned several of these laws, such as the ones concerning health and financing the press.

“A national union government may be supported by PMP if this government assumes the objectives we pointed out all along during our summer campaigns, as well as for the EP elections and during the presidential campaign, and if it promotes laws that could lead to a change in the political class at the time being. We are referring to the law stipulating the decrease to 300 in the number of MPs, as voted at the referendum, the law on the transparency of financial support granted to political parties, a health law and, considering the situation everybody had to endure this week, a law regulating the financing of the press. The law should initiate a process releasing the press of political pressure and removing it out of group interests, regardless of whether they are economical or political. Therefore, there are objectives and draft laws PMP supports and the party will support a national union Government that would assume these objectives”, Elena Udrea mentioned.

The National Council of PMP at Tusnad Resort was attended by approximately 90 people, heads of county organizations and members of the central management of the party.



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