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February 1, 2023

Victor Ponta seeks vote of confidence in Parliament for his new PSD-PC-UNPR-PLR cabinet

The Romanian Parliament assembled in session on Monday evening for the final vote on the new PSD-PC-UNPR-PLR Government, the final structure of which had been presented by PM Victor Ponta after the National Executive Committee (CexN) meeting Sunday night.

The new government formula needs the qualified majority of half of the total number of MPs plus one to begin its activity.

PSD Senator Adrian Anghel withdrew from the race for the office of Diaspora Minister after failing to obtain a clear green light from his MP colleagues after the hearings, adding that he does not want to “taint” the new government. PSD MP Angel Tilvar has been proposed as Diaspora Minister as a result. He is Chairman of the Lower Chamber’s European Affairs Commission.

Mouthpiece of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Alina Gorghiu stated before the Parliament session that the Liberal MPs would definitely vote for rejecting the new Ponta Cabinet, which ‘is going to be a fiasco.’ ‘PNL will most certainly vote against such a government, since it is obvious that this is a formula of a government being meant to be a complete failure and we also believe that the ones that will have to pay for this Ponta governing, the same as before, but especially in the future, will be the Romanians again, because this incompetence and the worst managing skills that these ministers from this Cabinet have will cost us. As far as PNL is concerned, what we are witnessing right now are the very last days of this government. This is only a government improvised for what remains of the winter. We will see what conscience these MPs who want to support this government have, whether they will be capable in the end of understanding that they shouldn’t disregard the public interest and they, whether they will be able to understand that they should vote against this government or not. What is for sure is that the Liberal MPs will be against the investing of the worst PSD government that Romania ever had,’ said Gorghiu to Agerpres.  She appreciated that this is nothing else but just another change of façade for this Government.MPs from the national minorities group have decided to vote in favour of the new government formula in Parliament on Monday, when the investiture vote is scheduled to take place. “We are going to support this government, we have already decided this at our group level,” Niculae Mircovici, Deputy from the minorities group, told Agerpres before the vote.

Chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Kelemen Hunor announced, on Monday, that the MPs belonging to the Union would vote for the new Government proposed by Prime Minister Victor Ponta. “We saw that the program we embarked with on the Government this March was kept unchanged, the chapter for minorities was preserved too. (…) Given that we were not expelled from Government, but pulled out voluntarily, and taking into account the discussions I had with the Prime Minister, the talks we also had today, me and my colleagues decided with a broad majority to give the Premier a blank check. This is for Prime Minister Victor Ponta in the first place, so it’s a vote for this government,” said the UDMR leader. He added that UDMR has decided to give a positive vote “for the governing program in the first place and for Victor Ponta too,” because he must be given the possibility to prove “that he knows how to govern.”

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