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February 4, 2023

New ministers’ swearing-in ceremony to take place on Wednesday

The swearing-in ceremony for the investiture of some members of the Government will take place at the Cotroceni Palace, on Wednesday at 9,00 EET, the Presidential Administration announces.‘Romania’s President, Mr Traian Basescu, and Romania’s Prime Minister, Mr Victor-Viorel Ponta, agreed on this hour, with the mention that the schedule was modified owed to reasons related with the agenda of the two officials,’ the Presidential Administration shows. Prime Minister Victor Ponta, after the vote in Parliament on Monday on the investiture of the new Cabinet, said that the swearing-in ceremony of the new ministers would take place on Tuesday at 20,30 EET.


The Ponta 4 Government,  granted motion of confidence in the Parliament


The new Cabinet led by PM Victor Ponta benefited of motion of confidence from behalf of the Parliament on Monday evening. There were 377 votes for the new Government proposed by Victor Ponta and 134 opposing votes.


Ponta: It will be a change of attitude

“It was a vote of trust and stability”, PM Victor Ponta declared after being shown the Parliament’s confidence. “I would like to thank all members of the Parliament and the Parliament in its entirety for the support they granted to the Government. It is actually a new motion of confidence with an extremely obvious and stable majority – 377 votes vs. 134. I also want to thank the colleagues in the opposition, as I appreciate their criticism, and I want to point out that we intend to apply all measures we proposed in the Parliament, in the fields that depend on the Government. But, most of all, it will be a major change of attitude, as I think the moment has arrived that we have a genuine dialogue between the Government, the Parliament and the newly elected President. I am confident that the new president, Mr. Iohannis, will also follow this line of actions and, actually, our activity will be much more efficient for the people who voted for us”, PM Victor Ponta declared after his new Cabinet was granted motion of confidence by the Parliament


PM Ponta: no tax increases for 2015


PM Victor Ponta also pointed out on Monday, during the meeting of the reunited Parliament plenum, that he intends not to increase taxes during the year 2015. “For the period 2015 – 2016, we wish to maintain all the measures that turned the business environment into a stable and predictable one for the time being. I want the year 2015 to be completely free of any additional taxes. I also propose that, in the first meeting of 2015, you would bring government drafts regarding the new Tax Code, the New Tax Procedure Code and the royalty fees. (…) It is important to continue efforts dedicated to combating tax evasion”, PM Ponta declared in the Parliament. The Prime Minister also confessed that he had been undecided whether to stick to his position after the failure at the Presidential elections. “I did not decide from the start that I would remain Prime Minister. When I came forward with a list of priorities, I decided to carry out my term, until 2016”, Ponta confessed.


Ponta: I will sign a Government partnership agreement with Tariceanu


On Monday, after receiving the motion of confidence for the new Government, PM Victor Ponta declared that, in the following days, he would sign a Government partnership agreement with PLR leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu, an agreement that would include the priorities of the Government as well as those of political reform. “We have an agreement in principle – the one we signed on November 14. Yet, now, based on the votes of the Parliament and on the program of the agenda of priorities we proposed, as well as those concerning political reform: the change of the Constitution, of electoral system and of the administrative-territorial structure, Ponta declared according to Mediafax. Moreover, according to political sources quoted by Mediafax, this governmental collaboration agreement of PSD anf PLR will also stipulate the assignation to PLR of a percentage of deconcentrated public services.

PNL’s Hasotti: The Ponta 4 Government will not survive for more than four months


The leader of PNL Senators, Puiu Hasotti, revealed the calculations of the opposition regarding the new Government. He declared that the Ponta 4 Government will not make it “for more than four months”. “We will not vote for the latest Ponta Government. I know you are fed with the hope that this Government will survive. It will not be for more than four months, Mr. Ponta!”, the leader of PNL Senators announced, quoted by stiripesurse.ro.


Mircea Geoana: It will be an emergency government for a limited time


Former PSD leader Mircea Geoana declared on Monday that Ponta 4 will be “the last Government of the Ponta age”, an emergency government for a limited time. Moreover, he mentioned that the new Cabinet will be the “2014 equivalent of the Ungureanu Government in 2012”. “This is the last Government of the Ponta age. It will be a Government of limited time of use. It will be the 2014 equivalent of the Ungureanu Government in 2012. It is a Government of emergency, of transition, for a limited amount of time, an attempt by Victor Ponta and Liviu Dragnea to hang on to the power, considering that, this way, they will keep their relevancy in Romanian politics”, Mircea Geoana stated, as quoted by Mediafax. Before the ballot in the Parliament, the PSD ex-leader announced that he would abstain from voting. “People demand trustworthiness, integrity, competence. My vote of today cannot be against a PSD Government as I will not use my vote to grant the others power. But, also, I cannot vote for a Government based on Ponta and Dragnea, who do not fulfil the initial two conditions of trustworthiness and integrity”, Mircea Geoana continued.


Hurezeanu: It is the most bearable result for troubled PSD


Journalist Emil Hurezeanu was a guest of Digi 24 on Monday evening and talked about the Ponta 4 Government, harshly criticizing the present situation and the decisions reached by PM Victor Ponta and by the Govt. “I think it is a solution of compromise among the reviewed interests of Ponta and the Social Democratic Party, after the disastrous PSD campaign (for presidential elections, editor’s note). Also, it is the most bearable result for a troubled PSD, or perhaps a party in dissolution, with massive internal issue”, Emil Hurezeanu appreciated. PSD “owns a power that is challenged, not by the opposition, not even by Klaus Iohannis, but by a state of spirit of Romanian society”, the journalist added. “It does not mean that this formula – including less Ministers and based on a state of emergency – may not work better than the previous Government. It is highly possible, as Ponta himself had declared, that, under the pressure of the hostile circumstances, Ponta and his Government would strive for assuming the necessary measures or, at least, more adequate measures than the ones adopted so far”, Emil Hurezeanu concluded.



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