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February 4, 2023

Romanian Revolution case: Ion Iliescu secretly heard by Military Prosecutors?

DNA is not the only institution going at full sails in dealing with major judicial cases. The military prosecutors also have a very sensitive case on the table, which they intend to resolve as soon as possible, and within which they are conducting hearings seeking to clarify things and determine responsibilities.

It is the resolution, even if partial, of some of the big mysteries of the December 1989 events. And, more important than anything, identifying and holding accountable some of the main responsible people for the death of over 1,000 people.

According to stiripesurse.ro, more important people in key positions during the Revolution will be questioned on the first days of the new year. In the meantime, according to an incendiary information that has been reported by media on Monday, ex-President Ion Iliescu has been questioned for several hours, having been brought ‘incognito’ to the Military Prosecutor’s Office.

The custom is that, when the prosecutors work on a more sensitive case and want to keep hearings absolutely secret in order not to hurt the subsequent investigations, they bring the witnesses and defendants through the backdoor of the buildings where they work. Literally the backdoor.

‘The same method seems to have been used, as our sources say, also by the military prosecutors who, not long ago, questioned ex-President Ion Iliescu during several hours. Ion Iliescu, the person who was regarded as the leader of the Revolution, but also as one of the main responsible figures for the bloodshed in which the peaceful youth demonstrations ended’, stiripesurse.ro states.

Petre Roman is next

Ion Iliescu’s hearing can only step up the course of the investigation, especially since he is the key character to all dramatic events that happened during those days, the person who knows very well what happened and how it happened.

And, since this time the prosecutors seem determined not to let the mammoth Revolution case slip between their fingers, it seems that the questioning of the former Romanian president will be shortly followed by the questioning of ex-Prime Minister Petre Roman, the politician who emerged out of the ‘sea foam’ in December 1989, turning overnight, at least as far as the international public opinion was concerned, into the true leader of the Romanian Revolution. If the ex-PM is also questioned, things are already getting serious for the many other collaborators of the Iliescu-Roman duo, even if some of those have withdrawn from the forefront of public life. Other ones are still exercising a major influence on the political establishment and business environment.

Ultimatum with extra time

“Traian Basescu has repeatedly said that, his wish upon the conclusion of his terms is for Justice to also clarify the Revolution case. Moreover, he gave a year’s ultimatum for the cases to be sorted. It’s true that the term has expired, but the military prosecutors are going into extra time pushing to recover the wasted time. If the comprehensive investigation re-opened some time ago keeps up the pace, 2015 will definitely be the year when the impossible will also happen and the Revolution cases will be referred to Court at last. With the defendants who have influenced the Romanian society at its highest levels in the last 25 years”, concludes stiripesurse.ro.



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