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February 4, 2023

Victor Ponta’s new Government validated by the Parliament

The new Government proposed by Prime Minister Victor Ponta was validated late on Monday at a joint plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate with 377 votes in favour and 134 against. Prime Minister Ponta requested the senators and deputies to continue to identify ways to improve the Government-Parliament cooperation, considering that there’s the need for a better presence of the legislative branch, not only when it comes to censure motions, the constitutional “weapons” of the Opposition.
“It is obvious that over the last two years, important things have been accomplished and are still accomplished, but there’s still much to achieve. I ask the Parliament to join our efforts in finding ways to improve the cooperation between the Government and the Parliament. …. I want to ask you all, senators and deputies to ponder over the amendments to the Regulation of the two chambers as to allow a more effective cooperation, a more frequent presence and not just on the basis of those invitations or motions, which are the constitutional and statutory weapons of the Opposition, because it takes a better cooperation between the Romanian Parliament, the Government, the President of Romania, all those who have constitutional powers to exercise the legislative and executive power,” Victor Ponta said. Before the vote, Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) deputy Andreea Paul has announced that the new National Liberal Party (PNL) would vote against the Ponta 4 Government and she accused the premier of “extremely serious governance” mistakes. The leader of the parliamentary group of national minorities, Varujan Pambuccian said that the group he represents will support the new Cabinet. Liberal deputy Eugen Nicolaescu criticized Prime Minister Ponta for not revealing if he has a political ruling agreement underpinning the functioning of the new Cabinet, and he pointed out that the Liberals cannot accept the proposal of the Premier, namely “a trick”, in Nicolaescu’s opinion. The Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) deputy Laszlo Borbely said that the Union’s MPs will vote for the new Government. Also the deputy of the People’s Party – Dan Diaconescu (PP-DD), Stefan Burlacu announced that the MPs of PP-DD will grant a positive vote to the new Government formula.
The entire team of the new Government proposed by Prime Minister Victor Ponta is the following:

* Liviu Dragnea (Regional Development)
* Gabriel Oprea (Interior)
* Daniel Constantin (Agriculture)
* Rovana Plumb (Labour)
* Nicolae Banicioiu (Health)
* Mihai Tudose (Economy)
* Darius Valcov (Finance)
* Robert Cazanciuc (Justice)
* Eugen Teodorovici (European Funds)
* Ioan Rus (Transports)
* Ionut Vulpescu (Culture)
* Bogdan Aurescu (Foreign Affairs)
* Mircea Dusa (Defence)
* Gabriela Szabo (Sports and Youth)
* Sorin Grindeanu (Communications)
* Angel Tilvar (Diaspora)
* Eugen Nicolicea (Relation with Parliament)
* Sorin Cimpeanu (Education)
* Andrei Gerea (Energy and SMEs)
* Gratiela Gavrilescu (Environment)
* Liviu Pop (Minister Delegate for Social Dialogue)


Ponta: The new Gov’t will have a change of attitude


The new Government, on Monday night validated by the Romanian Parliament will have a change of attitude, declared Prime Minister Victor Ponta, at the end of the joint Chambers’ reunion. He noticed that the new Gov’t formula has passed with an extremely clear, stable majority. “I wish to thank all the parliamentarians and the Parliament as a whole for the support given to the Government. It is practically a new confidence vote, with an extremely clear and stable majority – 377 votes to 134. I want to thank and appreciate as well the critics from the opposition and the support of my colleagues and to say that all the measures I have proposed today, in the Parliament, in connection with the fields concerning the Gov’t, will be enforced. But, firstly it will be a significant change of attitude meaning that it is time to have a real dialogue, to have a Gov’t – Parliament true respect. I’m positive that the new president too, Mr. Iohannis will go in this direction and practically our activity will be more efficient for those who have elected us,” PM Ponta highlighted accordig to Agerpres.


The new Executive to be sworn in this evening


Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced on Monday that his new Executive will be sworn in on Tuesday, at 8:30 p.m.
‘I have just called President (Traian) Basescu, since it is about the completion of the procedure and it will take place tomorrow at 8:30 p.m., according to our discussion and his decision. Tomorrow morning I will be in Belgrade for the meeting of the 16 prime ministers in Central and Eastern Europe and the prime minister of China and then the ceremony will take place tomorrow, at 8:30 p.m.. Meanwhile, the new ministers have the occasion to discuss with the former ministers where there is need of it, about handing over and receiving (the office), about the important things; they must also get prepared because right away, Wednesday morning, the debates of the budget bill begin in the parliamentary committees’, Ponta said after the new Government got a vote of confidence. The prime minister stressed there is the possibility that the entire budget debate calendar be delayed.


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