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January 27, 2023

Victor Ponta gives up the doctor in law title of the Bucharest University

PM Victor Ponta sent a letter on Tuesday to the rector of the Bucharest University, announcing that he gives up the title of doctor granted by the University in 2003.“It is a gesture I should have done a while ago, when public accusations related to my doctorate work first appeared. I did not do it because I considered I was well-intended in my arguments, in the moment the contestation appeared and I did not want to mix the purely professional field with that of politics”, Victor Ponta writes in his letter to Dr. Mircea Dumitru, rector of the Bucharest University, a letter he also published on Tuesday, on his Facebook account.PM Ponta also announced that, after he ended his political career, he intended to initiate a new doctoral work, in conformity with all standards and demands of the moment.“The field of Education is fundamental and essential not just for the activity of the Government, but also for our future as a European society. From today on, we have a new Education and Research Minister and I wish that his mandate would be successful in reaching his objectives without being undermined by a topic that has become mostly political in the meantime”, Victor Ponta admitted.“Strictly personally, the time I spent as a student of the Law Department of the Bucharest University represents a great memory and I deeply regret that discussions appearing after I started my term as a Prime Minister affected the image of an institution I love just as much as all its other graduates.Based on all these argument, please, Mr. Rector, accept my decision to give up the title of law doctor”, the end of the letter written by Victor Ponta to the rector of the Bucharest University points out.


Gheorghe Iancu : ‘One cannot renounce the PhD title like that’


The announcement PM Victor Ponta made that he was going to renounce his PhD title in Law has no legal effect, former Ombudsman Gheorghe Iancu told HotNews.ro. He explained that no one can renounce the title and the awarding institution must withdraw it, under certain conditions, in order for it to produce effects.‘One cannot renounce the PhD title like that. The awarding institution may withdraw it for a number of reasons, including plagiarism. He cannot give it up. One cannot drop it just to get rid of the crime. The announcement Victor Ponta made (that he was renouncing his PhD title – a/n) has no effect, except a political one: Look how honest he is, he gives it up just to end this discussion’, the ex-Ombudsman Gheorghe Iancu told HotNews.ro.


Rector of the University: All the necessary legal proceedings will be initiated to respond to this request


Rector of the University of Bucharest, Mircea Dumitru, on Tuesday specified in an open letter addressed to Prime Minister Victor Ponta that the higher education institution will initiate ‘all the necessary legal proceedings’ to respond to the head of the Executive’s announcement that he is handing back the title of doctor of law he received in 2003.
‘I received your letter by the means of which you bring to our knowledge that you relinquish your title of doctor of law. I appreciated the sincerity of your tone used in the letter and your good faith proven in considering the University of Bucharest’s demarche and the decision of the ethics committee of 2012. We agree with all of your appreciations referring to the field of education as being a fundamental field and essential for our future as a European society,’ Mircea Dumitru said in the letter.
“With respect to your handing back the title of doctor of law that was granted to you in 2003 I announce you that the University of Bucharest will follow all the required legal provisions to comply with your request,” the rector of the University of Bucharest wrote to the Prime Minister.
The letter is also intended “as a notification” to the Minister of Education and Research, Sorin Campeanu.






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