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June 28, 2022

25 years since 1989 Revolution: Solemn meeting of Parliament with scandal

Parliament convened on Wednesday in a solemn meeting marking 25 years since the 1989 Revolution. The meeting started with the national anthem and a moment of silence in the memory of those martyred by Communism. Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Valeriu Zgonea, the Speakers of the two Chambers of Parliament, gave the first speeches.


Calin Popescu Tariceanu: ‘It is our duty to honour memory of all those who suffered behind Iron Curtain’


The historic year 1989 is the year in which the peoples in Central and Eastern Europe took the step towards the free world, Senate Chairman Calin Popescu-Tariceanu told a solemn sitting of the Parliament on Wednesday to mark the 25th anniversary of the December 1989 Revolution that toppled the communist rule. He praised the memory of all those who suffered behind the Iron Curtain. ‘The historic 1989 year has broader, European-breadth significance. That was the year when the Iron Curtain was crushed, the year when all the peoples in Central and Eastern Europe, which for more than four decades had been put to oppression and totalitarian darkness took the step towards the free and prosperous world’, Tariceanu said. ‘It is our duty, at this time of anniversary to praise the memory of all the heroes and all the peoples who suffered behind the Iron Curtain. The Romanian people lived one of the toughest communist totalitarian regimes. The policy of the totalitarian regime in Romania violently eliminated the political, intellectual, economic elites of inter-war Romania’, the Senate head stressed. A quarter of a century since the fall of communism, he argued in favour of a model of society that should cultivate freedom and in which the personal initiative ‘be the value assumed at the highest degree in the society’.’I think we can find the best solutions so that school and all the other forms of education should lay greater emphasis on training citizens capable of having initiative and courage, who should take Romania further’, said Tariceanu.


Valeriu Zgonea: ‘ Who doesn’t love his past is not worthy of the present and, in particular, of this nation’s future’


After the Senate Speaker, Lower Chamber Speaker Valeriu Zgonea took the stand. “Like this country’s great forerunners were saying, there is no holier duty on Earth than love for the nation and the country and respect for its past. Who doesn’t love his past is not worthy of the present and, in particular, of this nation’s future,” Zgonea said. “If we want to be and to bequeath a strong nation to our children, we have to start off from telling them about the Romanian people’s past of sacrifice, about the true history of those days and about the immense responsibility that they, in their turn, have in order to carry on for future generations the importance of those moments. Only then the sacrifice of the 1989 heroes will not be for naught’, Zgonea added.


Scandal triggered by two revolutionaries


Two revolutionaries who were at one of the balconies in the Parliament hall during the solemn meeting chanted slogans and reprimanded the MPs. They were unhappy that, while they had been invited to attend the solemn sitting, they were not allowed to take the floor. One of the revolutionists shouted to the MPs in the hall that it was their day, the day of the revolutionaries and not the day of the parliamentarians, therefore they had the right to speak about what had happened. ‘You did not let us speak! You will go to prison, may God allow you to be beaten up the way we were!’, revolutionary Gheorghe Zainea shouted down to the MPs. ‘Take the press and see what materials people have to read. This is what should be read instead of keeping us up here like some stupid ones’, he said to the members of Parliament.’‘Shame on you! Shame!’ the revolutionary Dumitru Dinca, President of the National Revolutionaries Bloc, also said. ‘Let us speak, me and Dinca! This is why we took to the streets. It is our day, not yours, you, thieves who belong in prison!’ Gheorghe Zainea yelled. The revolutionaries had been invited by PNL MP Petre Roman who apologised for the incident from the central microphone after the scandal had started.


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